Show Set Up

Let show season begin.  This is the first of three that I have coming up.  Found some wonderful racks while I was out thrifting a while back.  Thanks to my wonderful neighbor who was nice enough to paint them white for me.

They worked out perfectly.  I was able to hang quilts and my potholders.

Funniest part of the day happened around 8pm.  Drunk chick was walking by and really wanted one potholder and a clothespin.  Yes, a clothespin.  She might have been a bit obsessed with it.

Here’s  a moment of zen for the day.

He really wanted to make some yo-yos. To be honest, he did pretty well.

Next show is right after Thanksgiving.  I’m looking forward to it.

Craft Shows

Over the weekend I was working an event for my grown up job.  Little did I know there was an arts & crafts vendor section with the event.  I walked over because I’m thinking about adding a few to my schedule over the next year…like I need more to do.  The area was quite large and a great variety of stuff.  I spoke to a couple of vendors and asked them questions, so I’m pretty confident I want to apply for that one next year.  The corporate tent next to my work tent went through over 600 giveaway items in an hour.  Over all the event is very well attended. 

Just wondering if there is any advice fellow craft show people can share with me.  I’ve never done one and want to make sure it’s worth my time and sewing effort.