Triangle, triangle, why can’t you be square?

Right now many of quilts are custom orders for people with personalized ideas for their friend’s new arrivals.  The Dark Side of the Moon quilt and the Red Scrappy Circles quilt were a big hit.

One request was for a quilt that was a Czech Flag.

Do you see what I see?  Y-seams.  EEEK!!!  I went off to Pinterest to get some ideas on how to take the triangle feel and make it work.

Based on this quilt I had the idea of using blue, red and white fabrics that didn’t scream American flag to get started.  I thought gray would be good complimenting color.  Off to the store I went and found all of the fabrics.  There are a variety of Moda fabrics and a few others mixed in.  I used the Tri-Rex tool to help me cut out many 5 1/2″ inch triangles.

The piecing went well but I did lose some of the points when sewing the rows together.  Good quilting can trick the eye into seeing that perfect triangle.

Close up of the quilting on the front and back.

Heard this weekend this quilt was a hit too.  I have a few triangles left over and I’m energized to give them another go.


Scrappy Circles Quilt

In December I received an email from someone who had one of my custom quilts given to her.  She loved it and wanted to do the same for friends that were having babies in 2012.  She wants 6 quilts this year and each one is different.

The backstory on this quilt is a joke between friends.  For the shower the mom received a onsie that said looked something like this, I imagine.

So a quilt was designed based off a request to do something similar.  This was a rough sketch that I came up with while traveling to NY in December.

I knew for the circles I wanted them to be scrappy.  After searching the internet for a tutorial, the decision was made to just make my own.  Look for the tutorial to come out next month.  Thanks to my Indy Modern ladies Lindsay and Rachael for letting me raid their red scrap stash.  Amazingly, my scraps did not include many reds.

Here is the finished quilt.

Hand embroidered


I love adding tags to quilts with the name of the baby that will be snuggling with it.

This quilt will be leaving soon and heading to it’s new home.

Ah, Memories

Many months ago I was asked to create a quilt using a friend’s college memories.  Her school, activities, and all the different places she lived.  I was around for a few crazy nights.  Challenge:  her alma mater doesn’t have printed fabric.  Time to create something.

The info she wanted on the quilt was added with some hand stitching on black and white polka dots.


I love the way it turned out.  It’s big enough to wrap up under on a chilly night.  Too bad it’s March and it’s 70 degrees now.  Great timing on my behalf.


For the backing I wanted to be one piece.  I found this print while picking up supplies at Jo-Ann’s a few weeks back.

It’s off to it’s new owner later this week.  Can’t wait for her reaction.

ABCs Baby Quilt

My brother in law had asked for a baby quilt back in December for another of his friends.  With everything we have had going on, it got pushed down my list.  He wanted something with green, red, and blue.  I had lots of those leftover from my patch of potholders from Christmas fabrics without screaming CHRISTMAS!

I started with the Moda Flurry and Ready, Set, Snow  along with Kona Solids that coordinate. My original blocks looked like Tetris. I decided to add in gray, my go to color this year, to each block to make it look less Christmas.  They went to the IMQG meeting with me to finish the cutting.


The fabrics I added to each block. Goodbye Tetris.

Here is the finished quilt with the embroidered ABCs, finished blocks and red quilting.  I like it.


It left Indiana to it’s new home last weekend.  I hope Ella enjoys many warm snuggles under it.


Another busy week in the sewing room

Busy as usual in the sewing room this week.  I was asked to make a donation quilt for the Indiana Diabetes Association’s Gala.  The color to support diabetes is red.  Went through my stash and found all the black, red, and white fabrics.  Last Sunday during football the fabric was cut and ready to be sewn.  Here is the design wall sneak peek.

The quilt was finished at 2am and photographed at 7am.  Not the best pictures but at least I remembered.  I have been known to forget when I’m on deadline.

Off it went with the hubby to work on Friday to be auctioned off on Saturday.  Friday’s project was finishing a gender neutral quilt for some ladies I met while doing a show.  They wanted something modern and selected some of the vintage fabrics I had in my stash.

Here’s the back.  It’s a vintage sheet and I LOVE it.

Adding the tight quilting lines I think really helped.  I tried to keep it as neutral as possible.  Hard to not go girly or boyish.  The quilt was picked up on Saturday and they LOVED it too.

Busy week but always worth it to see people very happy and thinking of a happy baby that will get to snuggle on the quilt.

2011 Project Week 3

Using some of the Recs triangles I cut out for last week’s block, I decided to make my own.

Okay now what to do?  Let’s just play the match game and put the white with the black.

Not off to a good start, my points are off.  Should I have matched them differently?  I matched point to point.

Looks great minus the bottom half being off.  Doesn’t look bad if I was trying to make a jilted A.  Good success of making my own block.  It just needs some work.