Show Set Up

Let show season begin.  This is the first of three that I have coming up.  Found some wonderful racks while I was out thrifting a while back.  Thanks to my wonderful neighbor who was nice enough to paint them white for me.

They worked out perfectly.  I was able to hang quilts and my potholders.

Funniest part of the day happened around 8pm.  Drunk chick was walking by and really wanted one potholder and a clothespin.  Yes, a clothespin.  She might have been a bit obsessed with it.

Here’s  a moment of zen for the day.

He really wanted to make some yo-yos. To be honest, he did pretty well.

Next show is right after Thanksgiving.  I’m looking forward to it.

Show Prep

Saturday is the Handmade Promenade in Broad Ripple.  I had a long list of things/projects that I wanted to finish over the last couple of weeks.  My hopes were dashed of completing my list, but a good portion will be done.

Here is the stack of potholders I am trying to complete.

Plus two more quilts to quilt and bind.  Wish my fingers and energy level luck.


Weekend Blitz of Quilting

Fridays are my day off from my grown up job and are usually spent in the sewing room.  Has to be one of my favorite parts of the week.  I have around 8-10 hours to just get projects done with the occasional interruption from the assistants.

Last Friday my goal was to finish a couple of projects I had laying around that I just hadn’t quite finished yet.  One quilt top had been on the design wall for some time.  Top complete but having creative block with the backing.  I had taken left over squares to a number of quilt stores looking for the perfect fabric for the back.  Some time last week I started going through my big scrap pieces and stash for another project and found some fabrics that could work.

I decided to just make a back with what I had, the colors were close and coordinated.  Turns out that I LOVE the backing more than the front.  Also love the binding fabric.  It’s a hodge podge of fabrics and prints, but isn’t that would quilting should be?   Check that one off the list last Friday.  It was completed right before hubby got home from work.

Throughout the day on Twitter on Facebook I had been showing another quilt I was working on, the Square Scraps.  It felt wonderful to make 4 quilts out of a fabrics that were already in my stash.  There is enough left over to make a cute mug rug or even some potholders.  Who knows what is next for those scraps?

Here is the final project.  The cream fabric strips really added some pop and size to the quilt.  It was pinned prior to the start of Sunday Football after cleaning the house.  It was a really busy morning.  After football ended the depression started at my house.  Both the Giants and the Colts lost, not a good way to start our seasons.  Off to the sewing room I wen to try to quilt this before the start of True Blood.  Quilting done but the binding wasn’t done until about 9:10.  Luckily it’s programmed to DVR.  Binding was finished during the episode and completed Monday morning.

Overall it was a productive weekend.  Wonder what I can do this week when hubby works all day on Friday and some on Saturday??

Rose quilt for sale here in my Etsy shop

Quilted playmat for sale here in my Etsy shop

Square Scrap Quilt

For the Mother’s Day quilts that I made in May, I did use many fabrics already in my stash.  Even after making three lap sized quilts, there are still plenty of scraps left over.


After spending an hour in the sewing room just sewing I was able get through many of the squares.  Just need to clean off the design wall to get my idea laid out.

Frugal & Fancy

The Indianapolis Modern Quilt Guild met late last month at the Indiana State Museum to see the Frugal & Fancy quilt exhibit.  Exciting to see what previous Indiana quilters did many years ago.  Little did we know that a Yo-Yo contest was going to be taking place.  Not fabric yo-yos that sewists create, but real Yo-Yos.  Did you know they had competitions?  We were shocked.  Here is some of the action from the day.

in action!
lots of colors for just string.

Rachael was tempted to buy the string to see what she could create.

Off to the exhibit we went.  The best part of the exhibit was that they were not perfect.  Triangles were not lined up and corners were off.  It was refreshing to see quilts from 100 years ago that could still be considered modern.  Solids and wonky log cabins were pointed out by all of us.

log cabin
solids. this was one of my favs!
just impressive work.

This was a great exhibit.  We had a really nice time having lunch after out on the deck.  We were watching people run on the canal, saw a quinceanera, and don’t forget the Yo-Yos.

Thanks Mom

Mom is a word that is not yet apart of my personal description.  I do have a wonderful mother that has been a great mentor for me.  Plus many friends that have shown me how to be a great mom with the next generation.

A few months ago I was asked to make three special Mother’s Day quilts for a friend.  Her mom passed almost six years ago and she wanted to do something to celebrate her mother.  Her sisters had created a quilt block a few years ago that is on a traveling quilt currently.  This was my inspiration.

Into my fabric stash I went.  Amazingly, I had enough fabric to create three quilt tops except for the backs and sashing.  I have wonderful sewists in the Indianapolis Modern Quilt Guild that offered to help me with the embroidery that I had envisioned for the quilt. Here is what I started with.







The design/layout of the quilt was changed a couple of times.  I had one block in mind and started cutting squares per the instructions and it was becoming difficult to match up three fabrics for each block that would be different.  So instead I changed to a block that showcases just two fabrics.

Upon delivery of the first quilt I learned the story of how the quilts came to be from my friend.  She mentioned her sisters have had a really hard time since their mother has passed.  She has a hard time but has tried to make Mother’s Day something positive, by volunteering, donations, and/or something else that didn’t let her dwell that she was missing her mom.  I am blessed to still have my 97 year old grandma and my ** year old mom, I don’t know what I would do without them.  She wanted the quilts so her sisters could have the blocks to remember their mom.  I was very pleased to help her bring this to life.

Her sister’s quilt were made the exact same way with the green sashing.  For hers I wanted it to be different especially after why she told me she wanted the quilts.  I added in the cream sashing and and extra worry spot to the back.  I think I may start adding these tags onto the back of quilts that I’m working on.  Something fun and different.

quilt #3 on the design wall


pinned and ready for the machine.

The quilts were a big hit.  So glad I could help someone have positive memories for Mother’s Day.