Scrappy Boys Quilt 2

This is quilt number two from the same batch of scraps.  After going through all of my scraps I did find a few more to add into the collection.  Can you believe I have enough to make one more?

Sampling of the scraps
Sampling of the scraps

For quilt number two I was going with the same modern mosaic layout.  The real challenge for this quilt was to minimize the repeating fabrics and organize the layout.  While I have enough to do one more quilt, the stash is getting LOW.

Things I have learned from making three of modern mosaic quilt…pressing is key.  You have to press regularly to keep the bulk down.

Quilt one and two do look really similar but I love the results.

scrappy quilt #2
extreme close up
extreme close up

The back uses the same orange back like quilt one.

back of quilt

Do you have a pattern that you enjoy making?  This may be my new favorite layout.  It’s a great way to use scraps and requires you to get creative with your layout.

Loving What I Do

If you have read the blog over the last few months you realize I do a ton of custom quilts for people.  Each has a unique story as to why they are being made and who they are for.  Had a customer ask me to make a quilt for her grandma for Christmas.  Please pull at my heart strings.

Christmas was my grandma’s favorite holiday and she demanded it was her day in our family.  This would be my first Christmas in years not spending with her.  She was with us in spirit.  We did have a crab and shrimp boil, her favorite.

Here is a photo of the completed Moda Double Chocolate quilt that I made.  I wanted to keep it simple and user friendly for the customer’s grandma.  My mom noted that the backing and binding should be in a dark fabric.  Good point.

double chocolate quilt 

The best part about gift quilts are the emails that come after someone has received them. 

“my Grandmother absolutely LOVES it. As soon as she got home from the Christmas Eve festivities, she immediately put it on her bed. She even cried when she opened her gift – it was that special to her. ”

Makes me smile to hear someone else got joy out of something I made.

Voile, so soft and snuggly.

I have not worked with voile until this project.  During guild meetings others have brought in projects featuring it and I loved the feeling.  However, just never branched out to try it.  Plus, the cost is a bit more and when there isn’t a project in mind, I have to put it off.

I had someone contact me to make the a quilt and the fabric I found was voile.  They wanted something bold and colorful with a great print.  I usually send everyone over to Hawthorne Threads because of their wonderful search system.  Makes it easy for non-sewists to find colors and themes they may be looking for.  I found this great fabric that I thought reflected the sample she had sent over.

Before I committed to anything I checked with the ladies in the Indy Modern Quilt Guild to make sure I wasn’t taking on the impossible.  For the quilting I stayed with wonky straight lines.  Quilt is backed and bound in Kona Pomegranate.  I had mentioned on facebook a couple of weeks ago that lots of pink would be coming, finally.

Loved working with voile and I ordered some more to play around with.

Nautical Boy Quilt

Notice a trend recently??  Boy quilts have been the biggest request and more coming.  Lots of blue, green, brown and orange laying around the sewing room.

Nautical has been a big trend in fabric this year and from what I hear, it’s not going away.  Which is great!  The colors work well for boy or girl and gives you options.  Lucky for me this quilt was going into a nautical nursery.

via LayBabyLay

There are lots of great blue prints out right now.  For this quilt I wanted something that accented the nautical fabrics I had picked out.  Why not do half square triangles all going the same direction to mimic sails?

Off to cut lots of 5″ squares in white.  You will see more these coming up for a very cute project. Then cut even more 5″ squares for the varying blues I had picked up.  Piecing and pressing was easy, layout took forever but I designed to go with a repeating pattern.

For the back I wanted to keep it simple and go with light gray.  Of course I can’t make a quilt without some gray in it.

Turns out it matches the nursery perfectly.

Nautical Boy's Quilt

Neutral Boy’s Quilt

Congrats to Darcie for being the giveaway winner.  Thank you for all the comments.  I may still be obsessing about Marmalade.

This quilt was whipped up pretty quickly using my standby favorite pattern, the disappearing nine patch.  Using scraps from the red, white and blue triangle quilt and a few solids to complete the neutral look.

Putting pieces on the design wall has to be one of my favorite aspects of quilting.  Always fun to just throw things up there randomly then sort and move pieces around.  Hopefully this keeps one color from overwhelming the quilt.

Using straight line quilting in gray kept the quilt simple and coordinates with the back very well.

I want to do something similar with the scrap reds from the triangle quilt.

The quilt is currently at it’s home in NY being snuggled on by a new baby.  He looked so happy in the photo I was emailed.


A little piece of family history

My list of custom quilts this summer has been quite long, but this one was just a bit different.  A new grandpa reached out to me to incorporate a piece of his mother’s crocheting into a quilt for his first granddaughter.  What a lovely idea.

I will tell you cutting into another woman’s handmade work made me cringe at first and took forever to safely remove the four squares he asked for.  The nursery was being done in pinks and browns and he preferred something in solids.

While out shopping for the fabrics at the local quilt store, someone recommended a pinwheel pattern.  What a good way to keep it simple and a bit more traditional.

Here is the entire front.

Can you imagine the work that went into crocheting the center piece?

The back was very simple in a coordinating print.

Have you ever used a family heirloom as part of a quilt or project?