News Thread 7.6

After a wonderful weekend in NYC I am ready to get back to normal.  I did get to stop by the garment district on Sunday very briefly.  Luckily I knew my limit and carry on size so I did not purchase too much fabric.  I picked out two wondeful yards that I already have ideas for. 

What is on the docket for this week…LOTS.  I start my new job next Monday.  I’m taking the rest of the week off to spend some time sewing.  I will be in a great mood going into the new job especially if I get a few projects marked off this list. 

  • Finish June block for Quilt Guild…yep, I’m behind already
  • Make the July block
  • Get those out in the mail
  • Piece rows for the custom quilt for Etsy
  • Finish applique on a quilt for Etsy
  • Press some UFO tops to hopefully get pinned and basted. 
  • Get some items started for Etsy listings so I can keep listing every couple of days. 

Goal for this week is to spend Wednesday-Friday sewing so I can enjoy my weekend.  Last week before we left I did make some strides in organizing my sewing room.  I unpacked about two big boxes.  I found a great new piece to put in the room for pressing pieces, it extends with drawers.  I can now walk from my cutting table, to the pressing table and put ideas up on my design wall.  My design wall is just a simple plastic tablecloth the with fuzzy back. 

Fabrics that I bought for quilts have been sorted into a shoe organizer.  That way, I can just pull them out and get started.  BTW…I have that thing full, so 24 projects to go.  Doesn’t look like much was done in there last Wednesday, but I see progress and that’s what is important.

Another Favorite Fabric Designer

Last fall I was obsessed with the Gobble Gobble line.  It was adorable and didn’t scream THANKSGIVING!!!  It is a great fall line with strong colors and details with the option of traditional fall decor.  Thank you Sandy Gervais

Well, she did not disappoint again this year.  For your Thanksgiving feast you can incorporate her line Awesome into your holiday buffet.  It is very similar to Gobble Gobble with a few tweaks for a fresh updated look.  Considering I bought all the of the Gobble Gobble charm packs I could, I expect to do the same with Awesome.  Fat Quarter Shop, can you run a special on them?? 

Ring in the Holiday season with the blend of Adoring fabrics.  I love that Sandy took traditional red and green and added in cream and blues for accents.  The fabrics are not overly Christmas, but suttle enough to be left out slightly after the Holiday has passed.  Too bad I don’t have a dining room table or else this line would be used for a cute tablerunner. 

July is seriously starting this week, leaving only a few months to get the Christmas and Holiday projects complete.  Time to get busy and shopping.  Thanks again Sandy Gervais for creating wonderful lines that could be used outside of the Holiday season.

40+ more visits until I reach 2,000 views

Sounds like it’s time for a giveaway then doesn’t it?  Wow, I thought this day was going to take a few more weeks to get here. 

I would like to thank The Quilt Shoppe for featuring my blog today during their great game of Bingo. 

Okay look for a giveaway on Thursday, so check back.  I’ve got a project that is being delivered tomorrow and few things to get done for Etsy.  I want to reward my awesome readers. 

I’ll start on Thursday morning and run until Sunday evening.  Now time for a good idea and giveaway.

Have You Started Thinking About the Holidays

Okay June is here and will be quickly gone.  Have you started thinking about your holiday projects?  What do you have done already? 

I have some stuff to work on, but haven’t thought about it yet.  I guess I should.  I was reading in the Esty forums today about their possible Christmas in July sale and it got me thinking. 

Is there anything that you tend to make?  Have you found something that you are making for everyone this year? 

Can you easily locate your holiday fabric?  My collection is small enough to fit into a shoe box, not that big at all.  I tend to shy away from purchases fabrics I can’t use year round. 

This does give me an idea for this weekend.  We are going on a camping trip on Saturday and Sunday.  Taking my Yo-Yo makers and fabric would be a great idea.  Something to do and keep my hands busy and also get ready for the holidays. 

Have a great weekend.  Hopefully we don’t come back with broken bones after our trail run/bike race. 

News Thread 11.13

Happy Friday the 13th.  Hopefully everyone has safe day.  Pretty sure I’m safe from black cats, but the street feral cat will be sure to cross my path today.  At the very least to torment my dogs.  My new sewing room happens to have the front window that the dogs like to sit and look out.  So all of my projects have to go to a pet friendly person. 

Enough about my animals.  I have been very unproductive in the sewing department this week.  Nothing from last week’s list is checked off.  I plan to spend the weekend cleaning and sewing.  I have gifts that need to be finished to removed from my sewing room.  There are projects of my own to work on and get the room cleaned up.  Instead of spring cleaning, I’m doing a fall cleaning! 

I’ll update again over the weekend.  Someone hold me accountable!!

News Threads 11.5

It’s been a week of firsts so far.  I bought my first fabric for my stash this week, the temptation was too great.  I was a good shopper and but some thought into it and waited a couple of days to make the purchase. 

I will put this collection to good use for the Miss Massachusetts charity event in December.  More photos to come on that.  Below is the Floragraphix collection from In the Beginning Fabric designed by Jason Wenter. 






I love the way that the purple, green and black work so well together. 

The other new collection that has my attention is Color Splash by Hoffman Fabrics.  Orange and pink are the main colors in this collection.  It would be great for any little girl project that you are working on. 




If anyone knows where I can find some great peacock inspired fabric, please let me know.  I have a project in mind and can’t find what I’m looking for yet. 

Projects This Week:

  • Finish the quilting on Krista’s wedding quilt.  Hopefully it will only be three months late.
  • Labels for Ryan and gma’s quilt. 
  • Cut out and sew a great new pattern that I’ll talk about later. 

My other first for the week was getting to play on the longarm at the shop.  I had a quilt done in two hours and it was not very hard.  The hardest part is going on to the next row.  Even better is that you can not see how bad I did.  The thread that I used blends in.  Again, I’ll ask Santa if I can have the big machine for Christmas.