Indy Modern Quilt Guild Retreat 2012

First I have to say THANK YOU to Lindsay from for all of her hard work putting this retreat together.  It was a blast and I walked away refreshed with projects almost complete.

We played a game with three fat quarters with tiles L,C,R for left, center and right.  The game was great because you couldn’t really cheat and it really was luck.  Jennie was our first lucky winner.

fat quarter winner

Open sew started the machines were zooming all night.  It was wonderful to sew, talk, learn, and get to know everyone better.

I worked on a couple of different projects that have been on my list for a bit.  Hopefully over the next few weeks they will go on the design wall, then machine and be ready for a new home

one of my projects

Each of us walked away with great giveaways as well.  We really had some wonderful sponsors.  Can’t wait to use my goodies.

spoonflower gift certificate

Can’t wait to see everyone next week at our meeting.


Show Prep

Saturday is the Handmade Promenade in Broad Ripple.  I had a long list of things/projects that I wanted to finish over the last couple of weeks.  My hopes were dashed of completing my list, but a good portion will be done.

Here is the stack of potholders I am trying to complete.

Plus two more quilts to quilt and bind.  Wish my fingers and energy level luck.


Christmas Gift 2010

Christmas has come and gone.  What is your reflection of this year?  Mine was very different from the past years.  The husband and I agreed to no gifts especially since we just did the cruise.  Our friends adopted a family from the United Christmas Service here in Indianapolis.  We offered to help them adopt this family and were assigned to the 4 year old boy.  Toys, clothes, and shoes were on his wish list.  I had to keep the hubby out of the toy section.  Feedback from our friend says they were very grateful for the gifts.   Looking forward to doing this again. (more…)

Hello December

Really December is almost here.  It’s a very busy month around my house, LOTS of birthdays.  My mom, the dogs, best friend, and ME. 

I’ve decided that once again during the month of December to not purchase any new fabric.  I should have almost everything I need for projects in my stash.  There was success earlier this fall and will be repeated. 

Here is my list of items to completed for the month: 

  • Friend’s house-warming quilt
  • Custom order of potholders
  • Hem a few pairs of pants
  • Fix a couple of shirts
  • Complete the top to my Berkeley quilt

Lots to do and get started for 2011. 

Pretty sure I will be going with black, red, and white for the colors of the 2011 Project.  I’m making my list of blocks to start looking at.

Crash & Burn (Suggestions Please)

This morning I had every intention of getting up and doing some quilting to FINALLY get this one project finished.  I got my machine ready and prepped myself mentally. 

I started free motion quilting.  After a few swirls I stopped and checked out the back.  The thread was pulling in the curves of the the loops.  I loosened the tension and same thing happened. 

Needless to say I stopped and I am now in the process of ripping out all of the stitches. 

What should I have done differently?  Was it possibly because I was getting close to the end of the bobbin?  My tension was off?  I’m ready to try more free motion, but want to try and avoid this in the future.