Springy Scrap Project

scrap circlesWhile packing up my fabric I found these colorful circles that were left over from a special quilt.  Looking back they have been unused for the last two years.

Bright Circle Quilt

Those scrap circles were calling out to be used in a springy project.  After finding this circle white on white fabric, I decided to whip up some potholders with a different look.

white on white circle fabric

With all of my sewing recently I haven’t played around much with applique.  This was the perfect project to get some practice as my next quilt will have lots!  I chose a thread that would pop on the colors.  Have you been out shopping recently to see all of the neon colors coming back?  Flashback to the 80’s and 90’s.

Light blue thread.
Light blue thread.

I prefer more of a raw edge applique look, plus shows the thread color very easily.  The color selection coordinates really well with the backing fabric.

raw edge appliqueApplique circles

Here is the completed set of potholders.  As the weather gets warmer and the flowers start to creep up from the ground, I am getting excited for spring.

Scrappy Circles Potholder set

You can find these in my Etsy shop.

Just a little sewing

Over the next couple of months I have challenged myself to add one new item to my Etsy shop everyday.  It’s a feat that can be accomplished especially with the stack of potholders I have ready to go.  Any guesses as to how many potholders can be made from the stack below?

stack of new potholder

The correct answer is 78, just in that stack.  My holiday break was a bit busy with sewing.  In the sewing room there are an 20-30 sets semi ready to go.  I’m on a mission to make the best year so far.  Plus, doesn’t hurt to plan ahead.

Show Set Up

Let show season begin.  This is the first of three that I have coming up.  Found some wonderful racks while I was out thrifting a while back.  Thanks to my wonderful neighbor who was nice enough to paint them white for me.

They worked out perfectly.  I was able to hang quilts and my potholders.

Funniest part of the day happened around 8pm.  Drunk chick was walking by and really wanted one potholder and a clothespin.  Yes, a clothespin.  She might have been a bit obsessed with it.

Here’s  a moment of zen for the day.

He really wanted to make some yo-yos. To be honest, he did pretty well.

Next show is right after Thanksgiving.  I’m looking forward to it.

Show Prep

Saturday is the Handmade Promenade in Broad Ripple.  I had a long list of things/projects that I wanted to finish over the last couple of weeks.  My hopes were dashed of completing my list, but a good portion will be done.

Here is the stack of potholders I am trying to complete.

Plus two more quilts to quilt and bind.  Wish my fingers and energy level luck.


I need your feedback – contest

Designs and new ideas are constantly being thrown around in the sewing room.  For a while now I wanted to create something that had a local flare.  I have made two designs that I am equally partial to, airport codes and city nicknames. Each set is hand embroidered then machine quilted.

So readers, I need your help.  Please comment below on your favorite design.  I will pick two winners and send them a custom local set of potholders.  Winners will be chosen at random on Saturday July 30th.

Airport Code
City Nickname

For Your Protection

I have been making potholders for about a year and half and with time you see where you can improve your product.  Based on feedback from friends and family I have designed a bigger potholder, every time I make one, they get bought before I can put on Etsy.  So bigger potholders, check.

Other feedback has been that they felt thin.  I went back and looked and yes, it did feel thin.  So adding a layer of cotton batting was the next step.  The batch of insul bright that I had used felt thinner than others.  I should have been proactive rather than reactive.

I wanted to give my customer’s the best product I can make.  Here is a look inside my potholders.

just a layer of insul bright
cotton batting to be added to exsisting potholders

There has been a good response to the new design.  Just a few more to make changes to expired listings.