Orange you glad to see me.

New projects outside of a quilt are always fun and exciting.  With this project the hardest part was finding the project.  My friend wanted the Robert Kaufman Orange Metro Tiles, almost impossible to find.  Finally found almost 2 yards to go with the project.

Since I don’t normally make pillows I needed a tutorial to get me going.  I found this tutorial online and pinned to my DIY board.  I finally checked something off my Pinterest list.  I will be making these again especially to coordinate with the new upstairs furniture.

The backing I made too large, but it was easy to trim down and still looked great in the end.

Thanks to my neighbor who has these great chairs outside, they made a good prop to showcase the color.

On the back above the envelope I added a faux button.

The tutorial is well-written and very easy to follow.  Give it a try if you need something quickly.

Wedding Dress Repurposing

I have jumped into something new and I am VERY excited. 

My wondeful friends have encouraged me to do this after what I have done with my dress.  I am going to start repurposing wedding dresses into something useful for brides.  Whether that is pillows, a quilt, sachet bags, purses, whatever they want.  I can’t wait to get started and get my first customer. 

I mean why not?  Most brides I know have their dresses stored away in a closet or at their parent’s house.  What a great way to re-use the dress for something you can put to use more often.