Dress Deconstruction

Saturday evening while watching the Kentucky Derby I am going to start deconstructing my wedding dress.  I LOVED the beading work in it and want to keep it. 

Here I am doing my "Golddigger" dance

Here are my plans for deconstructing the dress and using it’s parts in other projects. 

  • Take the beading in the top away from the inner structure and cut into two inch strips.  I plan to use it around the borders of our wedding photos.
  • Press out the folds in the champagne satin.  Cut into two inch strips and use it around the border of wedding photos as well. 
  • I might give a small piece to both my mother and mother in law. 

I am taking the beading and buttons that ran down the back of the dress and using it around photos as well. 

The rest of the skirt will be kept until we have a baby.  I want to use the skirt as the back of our 1st baby’s quilt.  It’s not a satin so this idea should work out. 

The dress was altered too much to fit me to try to resell it online.  Plus, who wants to part with all of those awesome beads?