Dresser Makeover

Hubby and I, well okay mostly me, have been wanting to makeover our bedroom.  When you move into a house, you have an idea of how you will use it, but after a while it becomes apparent it’s time for a change.  We needed a new dresser and night stand to really complete our room.  Have you seen the prices of those pieces of furniture?  Yeah, not going to convince either of us to pay that.

My mom reminded me that my parents had a dresser and nightstand in storage.  Okay, they are oak and not really my style.  My neighbor recently did a dresser makeover for her guest room and I thought, let’s paint these.

I couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out.  So fitting to have been working on during April with my Upcycle/Recycle  posts.  The color is great and coordinates really well in our room.



And I thought pressing sucked…

Nothing compares to sanding your hardwood floors.  We have been doing this for a few days and this afternoon my awesome dad completed the task.  My mom and I stayed behind to clean up the house.  TOP to BOTTOM. 

WOW!!!  My mom joked that the floors looked like sand to give the house a Florida feel.  She can be quite clever when she is exhausted. 

Hopefully by this weekend I will be setting up my sewing room.  The painting is complete.  Up next is the staining and clearing of the floors. 

This was hard work, but necessary and well worth it.  Kinda like pressing.  You can’t go on to the next step until you press.

New quilting space aquired!

Woohoo!  My new quilting/creative space is officially mine.  There are projects to be done before I can set everything up and begin sewing in my new space. 

This weekend I will be painting the walls a lovely blue/aqua color.  This space is going to be very girly.  I will post pictures over the weekend.  Next week we rip up the carpet and begin working on the hardwoods that are hiding underneath. 

I’m so excited to share this with my readers.  Please offer any suggestions of things I should put in my sewing/quilting room.  I’ve never had a space that I could really do whatever I want to do with.  YEAH!!