Lotta fun

Saturday I convinced my husband and friends to visit yet another fabric place in NYC.  I couldn’t have been happier that they obliged and we make the trek prior to a wonderful dinner with friends.  Where to?  Off to Lotta Jansdotter‘s wonderful studio.

I walked in and she was there.  She was so personable showed me what she had been working on the for day.  I was giddy.  This was the first time I have met a fabric designer and someone that has inspired my creations.  She did tell me she is working on a new fabric line.  I’m still drooling over Echo, not sure my fabric budget is ready for more.

Can’t wait to design and use the fabrics that I bought for something for hubby and I.  What a great way to celebrate our NYC trip and our Christmas gift.

I did pick up a little something while I was there.  The fabrics in this package will be used for something that does actually leave the house.