Antiques in Upstate NY

Antiques are something that my hubby isn’t really into.  On our way up to a friend’s house on Lake Sacandaga we saw this little store.  We passed it but turned around and went in for a visit.

First room we walked into was all clothing, including some wonderful wedding dresses.  If my list of to-dos wasn’t a page long, one of these would have come home with me.  The lace details and beading really drew me in.

This random little place in Upstate NY had a great selection of clothing as well.  Here is a sneak peek of the lovely headpieces they had in their collection.

I have a thing for vintage jewelry.  In my collection are quite a few pins, necklaces, bracelets and some rings.  This store had a wonderful assortment.

Hubby did find a Saratoga bobble head that he had to have.  While he was looking at his prized possession I was admiring their vintage quilts, tablerunners and napkins. They had an entire quilt top made out of yo-yos.  I was completely impressed.  However, having been to New York in winter and seen the weather, let’s just say someone had time on their hands.  Being at this store gave me some ideas of how to create my vintage modern piece for IMQG in October.

A week with the ponies.

Vacations around our house are generally built around seeing family and friends. Lucky for us, we have people all over to go and visit. Hubby grew up near Albany, NY and a summer tradition has always been going to Saratoga for horse racing. His friend has sat in the same spot for over 15 years, talk about dedication.

A day at the track is just that, a full day. We bring food, drinks and of course I brough my own entertainment. Yes, I was hand embroidering while watching horse racing. It definitely get me calm and focused, helping my betting strategy.

During the down times I did take some pictures for my grandma. She has a love of horses and would always bet on the gray horse. Isn’t the best strategy, but works for her. I went to visit her on Friday to deliver the pictures. She was too tired and slept the entire time I was there. Broke my heart, but she’s almost 98, so it’s expected.

just beautiful

The week started off slow and lots of embroidery was done since I was not on my betting game. The last day at the track was a big one. We made up for the entire week’s loss in about 3 races. Too bad we had to leave the next day. Since then, my friend has recommended a few ways to find the best professional horse racing tips. If you’re really not sure where to begin, it can sometimes be useful to ask the experts.

hot walking before a race

Hubby found some wonderful prints that will hang in the basement once finished. Overall it was a great week at THE SPA. Can’t wait to return hopefully next summer.

have to carefully read over the program

Coming later this week…antiquing in upstate NY.