Upcycle/Recycle – Sofia10

Today I am showcasing Sofia from Sofia10 shop on Etsy.  She has been recycling items for many years, it was part of the way she was raised.

She came to the United States in 1979 with two suitcases and $150 in her pocket.  The Soviet Union did not allow people to take anymore money out of the country with them.  That is scary and brave all at the same time.

Since life in the USSR was hard, everyone recycled.  Nothing was allowed to go to waste.

She loves to take something pretty, but unusable and make something nice.  For example, she would take a single earring and make it into a ring.

One of her favorites.

Sofia finds inspiration all around in nature, spring flowers, etc.

Please visit Sofia’s shop and check out her wonderful creations and vintage items.  Just don’t take my favorite.