Loving What I Do

If you have read the blog over the last few months you realize I do a ton of custom quilts for people.  Each has a unique story as to why they are being made and who they are for.  Had a customer ask me to make a quilt for her grandma for Christmas.  Please pull at my heart strings.

Christmas was my grandma’s favorite holiday and she demanded it was her day in our family.  This would be my first Christmas in years not spending with her.  She was with us in spirit.  We did have a crab and shrimp boil, her favorite.

Here is a photo of the completed Moda Double Chocolate quilt that I made.  I wanted to keep it simple and user friendly for the customer’s grandma.  My mom noted that the backing and binding should be in a dark fabric.  Good point.

double chocolate quilt 

The best part about gift quilts are the emails that come after someone has received them. 

“my Grandmother absolutely LOVES it. As soon as she got home from the Christmas Eve festivities, she immediately put it on her bed. She even cried when she opened her gift – it was that special to her. ”

Makes me smile to hear someone else got joy out of something I made.