Etsy Shop Update

This has been a great week and better things are still to come. 

I delivered my special order potholders this morning.  They were super fun and cute.  Totally spaced taking a photo of them. 

I finished products to put in my Etsy store and actually got them photographed and published.  I’m most proud of the Birdie baby quilt.  This is my second attempt at applique and I’m very pleased with the results.  While I was sewing I just was remember to move the fabric and take my time.  What an accomplishment. 

Close up from the quilt

I’ve got more sitting next to my machine ready to go and a few cute quilt ideas as well. 

The giveaway will start tomorrow.  Be sure to check back and see what it’s all about.  Have a creative Wednesday!!

News Thread 6.14

I usually do my News Thread toward the middle of the week, but I figured I’d do it early this week.  It’s only Monday but there is lots going on.

My Etsy shop had two sales this weekend.  I am really happy about that.  Good thing I spent some time yesterday finishing some new items to list.  My shop looks a little empty now.  Four new sets of potholders and quilt coming up hopefully this evening.  Good thing I can sew at work.

I’ve pulled out the Holiday fabric to see what I can create.  Pretty sure that I need to get started on the Holiday projects now.  I’m looking at cute little tree I designed while at work last week.  Plus I have some ornaments started. 

Things to complete this week:

  • Birdie baby quilt
  • Photos for Etsy
  • Listings
  • More cutting and sewing for potholders
  • Cut and start new baby quilt

I’m hoping for good weather in the evenings so I can take decent photos.  I want to share with you what I have been creating.  There have been some nasty storms come through Indiana over the last few days. 

Anyone care to share anything creative they are working on?

I'm Changing Sunday to Sewday

Even on a Sunday with no set plans I can’t sleep in.  I woke up this morning and got a jump start on the internet.  Checking sales, FB, here and of course the news.  So by 9am I can be in my sewing room for the day. 

Weird that is so relaxing. 

To dos today:

  • Finish binding on the Birdie quilt.
  • Potholders for a friend.
  • Photo for Etsy

There will be some quick shopping trips in my day to help break it up.

News Thread 6.3

The race is on.  Actually, that was last weekend during the Indianapolis 500, but I mean a different kind of race. 

I’m in a race against the clock.  The clock is ticking on getting more items in my Etsy shop.  I am obsessed with Etsy and the outlet that it allows creative people to share their wares all over the world.  I have lots of stuff started to get on there, but I really just need more time in the day.

There are around 20 items that are started and in pieces in my sewing room.  Baskets would help me with organizing this mess.  Pre-cut batting, block sets already made, pre-cut backing fabric. 

Actually we have a cleaning lady coming in next week to give me a price quote to help clean the house weekly.  Why bother with cleaning when I can be sewing. 

As I said on Facebook yesterday…I sewed a marathon.  That means I spent the same amount of time sewing as it would be for me to run a full marathon (26.2 miles).  It was exhilirating.  Maybe I will have another marathon tomorrow night before we head out camping and will finish my race. 

Goals for the week:

  • Two more items up on Etsy. 
  • Backing to Birdie quilt pieced.  Getting it basted would be a BONUS.
  • Cut fabric for friend’s bridesmaid’s gifts.
  • Mail out completed Quilts for Kids completed quilt. 

News Threads 5.27

May has come and gone for the most part.  We have partially recovered from moving, getting married and both starting new jobs.  Whew, that was a lot in just a few months. 

Back in the real world we are adjusting to our new schedules and fitting the rest of life in.  There is biking, running, sewing, cooking, yard work, etc that all needs to be done.  Don’t forget time with our two very needy dogs.  Luckily, there isn’t much on TV that I like during the summer and I feel I can run on less sleep than normal. 

While I haven’t been posting much over the last week, I have been in my room sewing quite a bit.  I even woke up early this morning.  My creative juices are flowing!

Things I’m working on:

  • Completing the Quilts for Kids kit that I received quite a while back.  I’d like to thank them for sending me a reminder email.  Kicked myself into high gear.
  • A few more items went up on Etsy this week.  I will hopefully continue to put new ones every couple of days.
  • Birdie applique top is complete.  Last night I worked on the pieced backing.  Just putting strips together randomly.  I think it will add a nice touch to the back. 

On a side note, I have LOST my seam ripper.  Really, I had two of them and now I can’t find one of them.  GRRR!!! 

This is one of biggest weekends for the city of Indianapolis, make sure to check out the race on Sunday.  Even if you’re not a fan, you’ve got to respect people that are willing to drive at over 200 mph for my entertainment.  Bring on the sunblock and beers. 

The roar of the engines give my goosebumps every time!!!

Found Time to SEW!!!

Last night was the first time in two months I have found time to sew.  It was AWESOME.  Can you tell I’m excited? 

I worked on more potholders for my Etsy shop.  Hopefully I can get those up today on the site.  The offer still stands for anyone that reads the blog and makes a purchase from my Etsy shop…Free Shipping.

After helping my old neighbor’s daughter with making a Moda Birdie inspired tote bag, I had some left over squares.  Not enough to make a big project on their own, but I did score some more Birdie fabric this weekend at a guild meeting.  I am turning it into a circle applique quilt.  Might as well use what I have.  I had the circles pre-cut from making fabric flowers and just used the left over charm squares to help make the border.  This is only my second applique quilt.  Better get some practice since my girlfriend’s baby quilt is the same design.  EEK!!

Off to be productive at work and hopefully will find at least a 1/2 hour this evening to sew.