Little Man Memory Quilt

What do you do with all the left over baby clothes that are important to you?  A friend asked me to create a quilt with her son’s clothes.  Quilts are full of memories and love.  Incorporating the clothes from your child’s first year or important events is a great way to remember that time.  Fabric scrap booking that can be USED.

As I was cutting the onsies and shirts I just thought how snuggly and new the baby was when wearing these.  His outfit from the hospital is in the stack below.  Maybe because I’m expecting soon I get sentimental about that time.  Just think how their lives changed with that one little outfit.  They are now responsible for a new human.

baby clothes quilt pieces

Baby Clothes Memory quilt

For the quilt I added little hats, feet and smaller pieces from the first year for added sentiment.  They really give a personal touch to the quilt.  It took a while on how to arrange this quilt to highlight the key components.  A random pattern was the best way to showcase all the special pieces.

I added a variety of Riley Blake fabrics that coordinate with colors in the clothes and fill in gaps.  The little man getting the quilt is big into dinosaurs, animals, cars, trucks, and anything really little boyish.

quilt back

For added snuggles I opted for the Zoology flannel option.  The colors in this print are perfect to coordinate with the front fabrics.  Quilting was done in a very random straight line pattern.

His mom loved the quilt and can’t wait to make one for her next son.

What key pieces would you put in a quilt if it was based on a memory?  I would love to know and hear your feedback.

PS…thanks hubby for holding up the quilt.  I finished it at night and our backyard was a mud pit in the morning.


27 Dresses or something like that

Last summer I was approached by a friend to do something with bridesmaid’s dresses that were taking up lots of room in her closet.  Okay great, let’s make a memory quilt using the dresses.  There are a variety of fabrics, colors, etc to work with.  The finished product will have lots of embellishments from different aspects of the dresses.  The stack of dresses was quite large, this is a smaller version with the under dresses and most of the non-useable fabric discarded.

My original idea was a quilt as you go but that didn’t go so well.  So I scrapped it.  Back to the design board.  The light purple dress would be a great feature.  Here is a snippet of the blocks.

Hoping to have the quilt completed this week and ready for delivery.