Look I’m on a Bike

I’m way behind in posting this but I really wanted to share my experience of the Tour de Cure at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway this year.  I rode last year and after the event I was determined to train for 100 miles for 2012.  Well the training part didn’t go as I had wanted it.

In the week leading up to the ride I crashed on my bike.  With all the sewing I had been doing, the crash only compounded the stress in my shoulders and neck.  By mile 50 on the bike I was sore and my shoulders and neck were stiff.  Oh yeah, throw in a cramp in my leg too.

As I came through the short shoot between turns 3 and 4 it pain became too great.  I was done.  I crossed the yard of bricks somewhere between 52-55 miles complete and bid farewell to my ride.

I do owe my husband around 50 piggy back rides for the miles I did not complete.  In his efforts to help me fundraise he stated that for every mile under 100 I didn’t complete, I had to give him a piggy back ride.  Well it definitely helped raise some funds and so far, he has not collected.