Indy Modern Quilt Guild Retreat 2012

First I have to say THANK YOU to Lindsay from for all of her hard work putting this retreat together.  It was a blast and I walked away refreshed with projects almost complete.

We played a game with three fat quarters with tiles L,C,R for left, center and right.  The game was great because you couldn’t really cheat and it really was luck.  Jennie was our first lucky winner.

fat quarter winner

Open sew started the machines were zooming all night.  It was wonderful to sew, talk, learn, and get to know everyone better.

I worked on a couple of different projects that have been on my list for a bit.  Hopefully over the next few weeks they will go on the design wall, then machine and be ready for a new home

one of my projects

Each of us walked away with great giveaways as well.  We really had some wonderful sponsors.  Can’t wait to use my goodies.

spoonflower gift certificate

Can’t wait to see everyone next week at our meeting.


Sewing Retreat Prep

My test today…pack my car with room for a friend and her stuff for an overnight sewing retreat.  Simple correct?  Ha!  My list of projects is quite long and I’m ready to sew.

It’s going to be a fun sleepover with lots of pictures.  Hoping I come home with some sweet prizes.

Neutrals Quilt

This quilt previously graced the Design Wall in my sewing room.

Happy to announce it is now complete.  These wonderful fabrics have been in my collection for some time.  I and uninspired and unsure what to do.  Thank you to Elizabeth from IMQG for her wonderful quilt using the Denyse Schmidt Hope Valley fabric.

Making a version of the strip quilts I did previously was really fun.  Using a light blue thread I thought really tied everything together.  Can’t wait for this quilt to find a new home.  Possibly one with an adorable baby snuggling on it?

The quilt is for sale in my Etsy shop.


June Challenge

For June Indianapolis Moder Quilt Guild is challenging members to complete a project and show it off.  We will have a pizza party to celebrate everyone’s hard work in June.  I have been thinking, what will I finish.  I have a couple of quilts due for people this month, but that’s not the same. 

Then I was thinking I have a quilt that just needs to be sandwhiched and quilted.  It’s my green and brown baby quilt that I have been working on forever.  Okay time to get to it.

Solids & Stripes Part 1

Indianapolis Modern Quilt Guild was apart of the Robert Kaufman Charm Pack Challenge.  Our theme was “Spring”.  Only stipulation, the charm pack fabrics had to be the focus and you can do whatever.  I had my idea in mine the minute I got my hands on my charm pack.

My brother in law was looking for a baby quilt for a friend that is having a girl later this month.  They are not doing traditional girly colors, they did go with purple and orange.  I looked around before the challenge for fabric that I wanted to use and didn’t really find anything that inspired me.  With the brights charm pack I instantly thought rainbow.  I wanted to sort the colors from dark to lightest and showcase them that way.  Sewing a rainbow wasn’t exactly what I wanted to do either.

I started cutting the charm pack into 1.5″ strips of each square.  Each color was sorted darkest to lightest and sewn in that order.  Finding a gray that would brighten the colors and still look springy was key.  I chose a Kona solid, can’t remember the exact color.  Piecing was easy with 3.5″ gray strips.  Here is what was left.

left over charm pack

This is the finished product.

Close up of the quilt
quilt back

This quilt was a lot of fun and I LOVE the final result.  Bring on more solids!!



Swap Blocks

Indianapolis Modern Quilt Guild has been hosting a block swap for the last year or so.  I have really enjoyed the challenge of doing blocks for someone else.  I must admit not every month was my favorite and I struggled, but overall it has been a good creative outlet for me.  Thank you to me fellow swappers for pushing me out of my comfort zone.

My blocks are up for June.  Meg totally stole my idea for May, so time to look for something new.  I have a block idea but need to decide if I should utilize my FAVORITE fabric in my stash, Timeless Treasures Botanica.  Or should I do something else.  I have some extra fabric that I think would go really well.  Anyone up for all solids???

Here are some of the blocks I’ve done over the last few months.

Modern Mosaic
February blocks

The block above was super easy.  I should try this with some of the fabrics sitting in my stash.

Wonky Log Cabin

Darn you Meg for taking my idea.  No worries though.  Love this block and actually made mine bigger than you asked for.  I really got into the creating, sewing, etc part and just forgot to check the size.

Purple Stone Walk-up

Really struggled with this one.  Had to create without a real pattern.  EEEK!!  Why do you think the block is so tall?


Loved the colors combination for this block.

Can’t wait to see what people create for me.