Frugal & Fancy

The Indianapolis Modern Quilt Guild met late last month at the Indiana State Museum to see the Frugal & Fancy quilt exhibit.  Exciting to see what previous Indiana quilters did many years ago.  Little did we know that a Yo-Yo contest was going to be taking place.  Not fabric yo-yos that sewists create, but real Yo-Yos.  Did you know they had competitions?  We were shocked.  Here is some of the action from the day.

in action!
lots of colors for just string.

Rachael was tempted to buy the string to see what she could create.

Off to the exhibit we went.  The best part of the exhibit was that they were not perfect.  Triangles were not lined up and corners were off.  It was refreshing to see quilts from 100 years ago that could still be considered modern.  Solids and wonky log cabins were pointed out by all of us.

log cabin
solids. this was one of my favs!
just impressive work.

This was a great exhibit.  We had a really nice time having lunch after out on the deck.  We were watching people run on the canal, saw a quinceanera, and don’t forget the Yo-Yos.

Vintage Modern Monday

Indianapolis Modern Quilt Guild met on Saturday and we have some wonderful ideas coming up through out 2011.  The Indiana State Museum in hosting an exhibit to look at the history of Indiana quilts.  This sparked an idea…what if we did something Vintage Modern.  The word traditional is not really welcomed.

We are hoping to make some pieces inspired by the phrase Vintage Modern and showcase them during a First Friday later in the year.  Here is something that I found that may invoke some inspiration.

Reminds me of a skinny version of the dresden plate.