Charity Blocks

Valerie over at Pink Please organizes a sample quilt for The Heroes Foundation.  It’s a cancer charity staying in Indy.  Love supporting local, so it really fits.

Rarely do I make blocks anymore, but this block really intrigued me.  This quilt was her inspiration for this years quilt.

Heroes Quilt Inspiration 2013

This pattern is great and I knew it would be a positive creativity challenge for me.  Since I was going through my scraps I started pulling my solids out for this project.  I should have read through the full write up again from Val before I started.

She really wanted bold colors.  My first block was a bit more light colors, almost pastel.

charity block

The real challenge was creating the curves and getting the block to 14.5″ square.  Off to design block two and see if I couldn’t do better.

charity block

I am much happier with this block.  The curves were still a challenge, but I had the hang of it.  Great way to use up some of my larger solid scraps.

Val showcased some of the blocks she has received and how the quilt is coming together here.  Can’t wait to see the finished product very soon.

Have you made blocks or contributed to a charity quilt?

Mod-Mosaic Baby Girl Quilt

My scrap bin had really been filling up and I had a request for a baby girl quilt.  The colors were orange, pink, light purple, brown, and a bit of yellow.  The idea struck me to use Oh Fransson’s Mod Mosaic pattern for the quilt to use up my scraps.

Improv piecing is one of my favorite things about modern quilting. I really tried to keep the piecing random and building as I went with every block.

For quilting I went with random lines criss crossing along the way.

I have already received a photo of the cute baby all snuggled up on the quilt enjoying some snoozing.