Thank you to G and the comment that was left this morning.  I have found the quilt artist I wanting to find. 

Noriko Endo

Time to go through my scrap bin and start slicing to make create some wonderful confetti. 

No way can I even compare to her wonderful work, but I may have to attempt a similar art quilt to really capture the wonderful fall colors. 

Visit,, to see her techniques.  Enjoy and let your imagine run wild. 

BE CAREFUL Googling her name and images.  I found some naked women…scary and I was at work.  EEEKKK!!!

Looking for a Pattern

During my time in NY the fall foliage inspired me to try something different.  I remember an episode of Simply Quilts on HGTV with Alex Anderson that used small scrap pieces for applique with black netting.  Saw the episode once, recorded it, got deleted for some reason, and NOW…I CAN’T remember or find the program info. 

Does anyone out there know the name of the technique?  It was an Asian lady on the show that day.  She had made very small scrap pieces and used them to create a landscape scene in “nests”.  She then covered the quilt in a black netting to machine quilt. 

I really want to do this with some scraps and using one of the photos I took for inspiration. 

If you remember, have an idea, have used the technique, or could offer me ANY help, please comment.

Attic Window

Overall quilt
Overall quilt

I was asked to make my first quilt for someone that paid me.  Wow, Great.  NOW WHAT????

Once we moved to Florida and I had some free time and DVR space, I started recording Alex Anderson’s Simply Quilts show on HGTV.  I was impressed by this show and all the ideas.  Too bad the show has stopped.  One  showed that sparked my creativity was on Attic Windows.  Most of my quilts are special squares with some variation.  This allowed me to try a new affect. 

This is the method that I used for creating my simple Y-Seam Blocks.  I followed the instructions line by line and my project turned out great.  I will make another Attic Window quilt this way.  It does take some time and patience, but the result was worth it.

Close up of my Y-Seam block
Close up of my Y-Seam block

The client was very happy with the end result as well and ordered a 2nd quilt.  My inspiration over all was shabby chic with a twist.  The material is Lakehouse Hydrangrea in pink.  I did not necessarily fussy cut the large buds, but instead tried to highlight them. 

Close up the borader using a Y-Seam as well.
Close up the borader using a Y-Seam as well.