Modern Marmalade Quilt #2

Using the green, blue, yellow, gray and orange fabrics from the fat quarter set, a boy’s quilt was created.  Using the same random pieced layout as his sister’s was a bit harder.  There were limited fabrics without flowers to select from.  I wanted to incorporate them but not overwhelm the quilt.

The quilting is done in wonky straight lines in a light grey thread.

Coordinates really well with the solid Kona Ash grey back.

Using 2.5 inch strips left over from the top fabrics, I created a pieced binding.  I did the same for the girl’s quilt.

So glad I got to use this great new fabric when it’s actually new.  I’m usually so far behind on fabrics that nothing is “new” when I get to sew with it.

Links to other Marmalade quilts

Marmalade girl quilt

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Neutrals Quilt

This quilt previously graced the Design Wall in my sewing room.

Happy to announce it is now complete.  These wonderful fabrics have been in my collection for some time.  I and uninspired and unsure what to do.  Thank you to Elizabeth from IMQG for her wonderful quilt using the Denyse Schmidt Hope Valley fabric.

Making a version of the strip quilts I did previously was really fun.  Using a light blue thread I thought really tied everything together.  Can’t wait for this quilt to find a new home.  Possibly one with an adorable baby snuggling on it?

The quilt is for sale in my Etsy shop.


A little something for myself

I was in love with Studio E’s Etching fabrics that were out earlier this year.  I wanted to create pillowcases to add some color to our neutral bedroom.  Lots of brown and tan in there.  Blue is color hubby and I can agree on.  You might remember my Vintage Modern post from earlier about looking for fabrics that would go well in our room.  There is still lots of design work to be done in there, but we are focusing on other locations in the house right now…the basement.

Here are the completed pillowcases:

So far we have had two nights of sweet dreams on them.  Hubby commented that maybe he should leave more often since I did these while he was on a camping trip.