Loving What I Do

If you have read the blog over the last few months you realize I do a ton of custom quilts for people.  Each has a unique story as to why they are being made and who they are for.  Had a customer ask me to make a quilt for her grandma for Christmas.  Please pull at my heart strings.

Christmas was my grandma’s favorite holiday and she demanded it was her day in our family.  This would be my first Christmas in years not spending with her.  She was with us in spirit.  We did have a crab and shrimp boil, her favorite.

Here is a photo of the completed Moda Double Chocolate quilt that I made.  I wanted to keep it simple and user friendly for the customer’s grandma.  My mom noted that the backing and binding should be in a dark fabric.  Good point.

double chocolate quilt 

The best part about gift quilts are the emails that come after someone has received them. 

“my Grandmother absolutely LOVES it. As soon as she got home from the Christmas Eve festivities, she immediately put it on her bed. She even cried when she opened her gift – it was that special to her. ”

Makes me smile to hear someone else got joy out of something I made.

Dark Side of the Moon

Seriously, how cool are these parents that their baby gets this quilt?  I mean my household loves Pink Floyd, but I really need to meet these parents.  I have never seen my hubby not want me to send out a quilt, he really liked it.

This quilt should have been easier, but I made it much harder on myself.  With it being a baby quilt, it needs to hold up to multiple washings.

Photos do not do justice for this quilt.

ABCs Baby Quilt

My brother in law had asked for a baby quilt back in December for another of his friends.  With everything we have had going on, it got pushed down my list.  He wanted something with green, red, and blue.  I had lots of those leftover from my patch of potholders from Christmas fabrics without screaming CHRISTMAS!

I started with the Moda Flurry and Ready, Set, Snow  along with Kona Solids that coordinate. My original blocks looked like Tetris. I decided to add in gray, my go to color this year, to each block to make it look less Christmas.  They went to the IMQG meeting with me to finish the cutting.


The fabrics I added to each block. Goodbye Tetris.

Here is the finished quilt with the embroidered ABCs, finished blocks and red quilting.  I like it.


It left Indiana to it’s new home last weekend.  I hope Ella enjoys many warm snuggles under it.


Another Strip Quilt

Finally had a chance to use the Hoffman Colorsplash fabrics that had been in my stash for a bit.  I had been waiting for the right little girl to make her something special.  Why else would you hold to fabric for almost 2 years?

Upon completing the top, I realized it is was crooked.  I learned from my mistake, do not piece all the pieces together.  Do them in sections then piece the sections together.  After pinning, quilting and lots of little cuts to get the sides even, I am happy with the result.


Wedded Bliss

For friends that are getting married, I really like to to create something handmade with their colors or a special touch.  Last year I was asked to make potholders as the invitation to be apart of a couple’s big day.  Here is a write up from the Matron of Honor.


After completing 10 sets, there was plenty of fabric leftover.  The idea to make the couple something came to mind.  The bride gave me back the scraps after she was done creating her wedding party invitations.  Needless to say, this quilt has been in creative mode for some time.

Using a set pattern was not fitting for this gift.  Around each big scrap and the smaller ones, white fabric was added.  It is a white on white fabric to give an extra pop.  Only a couple of fat quarters from my stash were needed to finish the top.  Thanks to the Quilts Plus annual yardage sale there were a few options for the back.

The quilt is more of a small picnic quilt, just enough room for the couple to sit and enjoy the outdoors.  So my gift had a picnic theme.  Found a wonderful local vintage seller, Unexpected Elegance, with a picnic basket.  Since the couple met in Indy, got engaged in Indy, got married in Indy, and live in Indy, I wanted the gift to also include a local wine.  I opted for Easley Winery’s Reggae Red, nice and light for a picnic.

Hope the couple has many memories and dates with this quilt.

The week of two quilts completed…part 1

Last week was quite a success in the sewing room.  There were two quilts that I wanted to get done and one may actually stay with me, a FIRST.


One the recepients of the Mother’s Day quilts wanted to pass along the same idea to one of her friends.  She too had lost her mom and was missing her.  Her mother had always had a thing for Paris.  I knew the fabric line I wanted to use was Lumiere de Noel from Moda.  The colors are vibrant and subtle at the same time.  I used my standby disappearing nine patch pattern.  In each row strips of blue were added in to give some more color.