I mentioned last week that my parents demanded our dogs for the weekend. So off we went to the Paoli/French Lick, Indiana area. There is skiing, lodges and just an enormous lake. While we didn’t play on the lake, we did stay on it. The view from the cabin was really nice.

View from our cabin

We left the ski lodge and were off to Paoli Peaks to ski on Saturday. Let’s be honest, I DO NOT ski. The sewing machine made the trip with us. Yes, I was planning to sew at the ski lodge. I had packed a number of projects to just play and create. I have lots of customs due soon, but I needed to just play.

Here is the hubby and friends ready to hit the slopes.

I sat myself in front of a window to monitor the action. Here is what I worked on…lots of 2″ squares I had cut the week before.

sorted and ready to be paired again.
Yes I ironed while in the lodge as well.
I had to make 2 stacks.

The fabric is Floragraphix from a couple of years ago. I had determined to get through my stash this year.

It was a great weekend complete with my first time ever doing karaoke. I was told it wasn’t bad. Good thing most people in the bar were intoxicated, singing is not a specialty of mine.


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It’s been a week of firsts so far.  I bought my first fabric for my stash this week, the temptation was too great.  I was a good shopper and but some thought into it and waited a couple of days to make the purchase. 

I will put this collection to good use for the Miss Massachusetts charity event in December.  More photos to come on that.  Below is the Floragraphix collection from In the Beginning Fabric designed by Jason Wenter. 






I love the way that the purple, green and black work so well together. 

The other new collection that has my attention is Color Splash by Hoffman Fabrics.  Orange and pink are the main colors in this collection.  It would be great for any little girl project that you are working on. 




If anyone knows where I can find some great peacock inspired fabric, please let me know.  I have a project in mind and can’t find what I’m looking for yet. 

Projects This Week:

  • Finish the quilting on Krista’s wedding quilt.  Hopefully it will only be three months late.
  • Labels for Ryan and gma’s quilt. 
  • Cut out and sew a great new pattern that I’ll talk about later. 

My other first for the week was getting to play on the longarm at the shop.  I had a quilt done in two hours and it was not very hard.  The hardest part is going on to the next row.  Even better is that you can not see how bad I did.  The thread that I used blends in.  Again, I’ll ask Santa if I can have the big machine for Christmas.