September FabShopHop

Are you looking for a Holiday project?  A specific material?  You should check out the FabShopHop during the month of September.  You can visit over 100 shops during this month’s Hop. 

Sign up to become a member and they will track how many sites you have successfully found the Bunny.  Look for this logo around each site. 


What did you find that you want to create??

Don’t forget this supports Project 95!!

Shopping Independent Fabric Stores – Project 95

I have a new obssession…shopping online for fabric.  When I say shopping, I should clarify and say browsing or window shopping.  There have been minimal purchases made.

In an earlier post I mentioned that 95% of fabric is bought in chain stores.  I have done my best to resist the coupons that come in my email and support the independents.  The ideas, books, knowledge is well worth the couple of extra dollars.  As for shipping, everyone seems reasonably fair. 

Today I’m showing my support for Project 95.  Do you need a list of good independent shops?  Visit to find quilt stores that have great fabric and good prices. 

Here is a link to the shop right around the corner from my house.  These ladies are the best!!


June Fab Hop Shop

Found out an interesting fact this week about people who purchase material…

95% of material is bought through the big box stores. 

There are a lot of quilters out there and that is a lot of material.  Imagine if we could shift that just 10%, we would be helping out the local shops so much more.  I admit, I fill up my stash with remanants from JoAnns about once a month.  Most of the fabric that I have in my stash now is from a big box store.  That is slowly changing.

Prior to moving to Florida, I had never entered a quilt shop.  Once we moved I realized that there was a shop two blocks from our house.  Since I didn’t have a job at first, I would go to the Sew and Quilt Shop quite often.  My world of quilting has changed completely.  I feel like a have the best resource just around the corner from my house.  For my special projects that I have made, I have used only quilt shop fabric.  It’s more costly, but is much better quality. 

The reason I go into this detail is because I have found a new obsession.  I came across this on a Website and starting doing the hop shop in April.  I did not win any prizes, but this month I’m trying to get through all of them.  Visit the Fab Shop Hop to find great quilt shops that offer online catalogs.  I’ve seen a couple new ideas in the 50 shops I have visited so far.  Some are a little to country for me, some have great tips, and some really need to update their stuff.