Voile, so soft and snuggly.

I have not worked with voile until this project.  During guild meetings others have brought in projects featuring it and I loved the feeling.  However, just never branched out to try it.  Plus, the cost is a bit more and when there isn’t a project in mind, I have to put it off.

I had someone contact me to make the a quilt and the fabric I found was voile.  They wanted something bold and colorful with a great print.  I usually send everyone over to Hawthorne Threads because of their wonderful search system.  Makes it easy for non-sewists to find colors and themes they may be looking for.  I found this great fabric that I thought reflected the sample she had sent over.

Before I committed to anything I checked with the ladies in the Indy Modern Quilt Guild to make sure I wasn’t taking on the impossible.  For the quilting I stayed with wonky straight lines.  Quilt is backed and bound in Kona Pomegranate.  I had mentioned on facebook a couple of weeks ago that lots of pink would be coming, finally.

Loved working with voile and I ordered some more to play around with.

Dark Side of the Moon

Seriously, how cool are these parents that their baby gets this quilt?  I mean my household loves Pink Floyd, but I really need to meet these parents.  I have never seen my hubby not want me to send out a quilt, he really liked it.

This quilt should have been easier, but I made it much harder on myself.  With it being a baby quilt, it needs to hold up to multiple washings.

Photos do not do justice for this quilt.

It’s all Greek to me

Challenge:  going outside of set comfort zone.  Typically, my quilts are squares or circles.  Friend asked me to make a custom quilt with his fraternity letters and colors.  I saw heat bond in my future and applique.

The colors are purple, green and yellow.  Had to be cautious to limit the purple and not making the quilt girly.  Upon applying the letters on the black background the colors really popped.  Decided to quilt with black thread on the top.  Luckily, it did tone down the color of the letters.

Love the tight quilting on there.  Gives structure and sore shoulders, ha.

Customer was happy and I realized I had missed applique.  Good thing I have some stuff cut out and ready to go for another project.

close up