Over the Rainbow Charm Swap

A couple of months ago I was apart of a Rainbow Charm swap.  The goal was to have everyone send 2 prints in their assigned colors.  Lots of great prints were selected in all colors.  My charms are sitting beside me in the sewing room awaiting inspiration.  Check my Pinterest board for rainbow inspired ideas.

Rainbow Charm Inspiration

I had orange and I sent two Kate Spain prints that I enjoy and didn’t want to see one leave the stash.  No worries I added some yardage for when I’m ready to do more.  Okay hoarding the Central Park print from my local quilt shop.

Good Fortune print
Central Park print

Here are some of the things group members have created in the Flickr group.  Also, a sneak peek of some of the wonderful prints I received.  Using these will be on my list for August.

Upcycle/Recycle – wassupbrothers

Meet Olga from wassupbrothers on Etsy.  Her shop is based on softie creatures and cuties (mostly owls) made and created by her.

Here is what she has to say about her shop, inspiration, and using upcycled/recylced items.

Some years in my life I was uncontrolled user, not shopaholic, but I’ve used too many things I don’t need. Unnecessary, and needless things. I used too much, I ate too much, all that bling blings in ears ,and cosmetic.

In 2009 i start being vegan and many things get clear for me about food, life,and everything.

I think people have to think, why do they have to buy something, if they can do it for their self. Planet resources are not endless. And I’m happy the number of people who think about it and want to change something is growing.

Recycled and handmade things have not only ethic nature, its always about past and story behind them. They are soulful and have many energy.

My inspiration come from nature, morning sunshine, pieces of fabrics, my wonderful funny dogs. Sometimes you can take one strange buttщn and in the end you have beautiful bird or lion. You never know what you will have in the end, that’s why I do not use patterns mostly.

Feedback. I have positive feedback from others about it. here in Russia we have many misunderstanding in recycling and eco issue, but anyway, my friends use recycled, upcycled products and make them for their self also.

Her favorite thing on the day I asked was this wonderful owl pendant.

I'm Changing Sunday to Sewday

Even on a Sunday with no set plans I can’t sleep in.  I woke up this morning and got a jump start on the internet.  Checking sales, FB, here and of course the news.  So by 9am I can be in my sewing room for the day. 

Weird that is so relaxing. 

To dos today:

  • Finish binding on the Birdie quilt.
  • Potholders for a friend.
  • Photo for Etsy

There will be some quick shopping trips in my day to help break it up.