Show Set Up

Let show season begin.  This is the first of three that I have coming up.  Found some wonderful racks while I was out thrifting a while back.  Thanks to my wonderful neighbor who was nice enough to paint them white for me.

They worked out perfectly.  I was able to hang quilts and my potholders.

Funniest part of the day happened around 8pm.  Drunk chick was walking by and really wanted one potholder and a clothespin.  Yes, a clothespin.  She might have been a bit obsessed with it.

Here’s  a moment of zen for the day.

He really wanted to make some yo-yos. To be honest, he did pretty well.

Next show is right after Thanksgiving.  I’m looking forward to it.

Show Prep

Saturday is the Handmade Promenade in Broad Ripple.  I had a long list of things/projects that I wanted to finish over the last couple of weeks.  My hopes were dashed of completing my list, but a good portion will be done.

Here is the stack of potholders I am trying to complete.

Plus two more quilts to quilt and bind.  Wish my fingers and energy level luck.


Broad Ripple Music Fest – Oct 15th

If you are in the Indy area you should consider coming out to the BRMF this year.  I remember when this event started 5 years ago and some bands took over some of my favorite bar spots.  Can’t wait to see how it has grown and will feature 150+ music acts.

Quilty will be there as part of the Handmade Promenade.  A new quilt project will debut and a great time to stock up on Indy potholders.  Custom orders always welcome.

Mark your calendars to come out and support local music and artists.


Survived My First Craft Show

Saturday was the first craft show I had ever been a vendor at.  It was an interesting experience.  Much like Etsy, people like to stop, look, compliment you on your items, and then move on to the next shop.  Thanks for stopping by. 

Overall the show was slow and the only vendors that did well were the re-sellers.  Apparently these customers were more interested in something mass produced instead of something someone actually made. 

Most people noted that they too had made a quilt in their lifetime, they sew, or asked me how long I had been sewing.  You should have seen the looks on their faces when I said 10 years. 

For my first show it was a great learning experience and the push I needed to get my Etsy shop where I want it to be.  Good news considering I have some custom orders to be doing in the next couple of weeks. 

Another Milestone Coming Up

100 posts is just around the corner.  Wonder what I will write about? 

There is a quite a bit going on in my sewing world right now.  Biggest news….my stuff was recognized by someone on another blog and they had nice things to say.  Another blog would like for me to use my items for a giveaway. 

I am also gearing up for my first craft show in October.  I’m hoping this smaller one will help me get prepared for the bigger shows I want to be apart of next year.  I have already started working on my goals for 2011 and they are big. 

Back to sewing and creating.