For Your Protection

I have been making potholders for about a year and half and with time you see where you can improve your product.  Based on feedback from friends and family I have designed a bigger potholder, every time I make one, they get bought before I can put on Etsy.  So bigger potholders, check.

Other feedback has been that they felt thin.  I went back and looked and yes, it did feel thin.  So adding a layer of cotton batting was the next step.  The batch of insul bright that I had used felt thinner than others.  I should have been proactive rather than reactive.

I wanted to give my customer’s the best product I can make.  Here is a look inside my potholders.

just a layer of insul bright
cotton batting to be added to exsisting potholders

There has been a good response to the new design.  Just a few more to make changes to expired listings.