News Thread 9.15

Okay we are half way through the month of September.  So far I have avoided purchasing any fabric.  15 MORE DAYS!!!!  I can do this. 

The Holidays are really coming up quickly.  Today has been more of a maintenance day.  I took my machine apart and really worked to get the lint out, replace needles, and clean my area.  BTW…be warned if you Google images of LINT.  This was the best representation of what was inside my machine. 

There will be a sewing marathon on Saturday.  I wanted to be as ready as possible.  Here is a list of what I will be working on:

  • Moda Fruitcake potholders
  • Getting quilting designs on two quilts I have ready to go
  • Complete the top to a baby/signature quilt

The next two weekends are really busy and my first show is October 16th.

Call Me Productive

Since Wednesday I have been working to diligently get items marked off my check list.  Well readers, I was successful. 

Five new sets of potholders that will be added throughout the week to Etsy.  Here is just an idea of what they look like. 

Finished the Groovy Flower quilt top and got it pressed.  Found backing fabric to coordinate.

Completed the custom quilt top I have been working on as well.  Just waiting on approval in order to start quilting.

However, to quilt I need to clean out my front room.  That includes finally unpacking from vaca, sweeping, and cleaning the carpets.  I like to pin on carpet so this is a must.  I found another top that I forgetten about and the backing.  Could there be another quilt to be completed in my making???  You bet!