Everything Has Changed

Months ago I announced that the Quiltytherapy family was growing.  Well Porter arrived earlier than expected and completely changed my world. The title of mom is now my top priority.  He needs me more than anything else does.

welcome banner

Being honest I was trying to be Super Woman.  Between pregnancy, exhaustion, and working crazy overtime hours my sewing and blogging came to a halt.  Something had to give.

Now that he’s here, healthy, and developing a routine I’m getting the itch to get everything going.  Prior to his birth I hit a wall with everything in my world.  Work was testing me, hormones may have played a role in that.  With sewing I have so many ideas and projects but the time just wasn’t there.

So much fabric.
So much fabric.

Granted having a c-section was not high on my to-do list, but I think it’s given me some extra time at home that I was really debating.  It’s going to be difficult to balance mom, entrepreneur, and full time employment.  The motivation and support is there from my family.

I am looking forward to moving ahead and creating the items I have been pondering for some time.  Quiltytherapy is going to be a striving business and I’m going to put the effort it deserves to make it viable and more than a “hobby”.  I want the flexibility and income to spend time with my son.

Just a little sewing

Over the next couple of months I have challenged myself to add one new item to my Etsy shop everyday.  It’s a feat that can be accomplished especially with the stack of potholders I have ready to go.  Any guesses as to how many potholders can be made from the stack below?

stack of new potholder

The correct answer is 78, just in that stack.  My holiday break was a bit busy with sewing.  In the sewing room there are an 20-30 sets semi ready to go.  I’m on a mission to make the best year so far.  Plus, doesn’t hurt to plan ahead.

100 Posts…A Reflection

The number is finally here and I feel like it took forever.  This has been a very rewarding process.  In addition to writing on my blog, I have been fascinated with QuilterBlogs.com.  There is so much inspiration for creativity on there.  Thank you everyone for sharing. 

Where do I go from here?

First and foremost…I am not buying any fabric during the month of September.  I have bought enough recently to start my own store.  Actually I’ve been buying up fabric to work on projects, fill my Etsy store, and have products ready for craft shows.  That’s where this blog has taken me…small business owner.

I love my hobby enough to share with the world and try to do something with it.

Recently, a couple of other bloggers have contacted me about doing a giveaway.  Great, LOVE to!!  When I’m on their site, I’ll make sure to let you know. 

I still want this blog to be about the creative process, how I pick fabric, what I choose to do with it, and the final design.  It holds me accountable for getting things done.  Sharing with the world makes me very nervous, but it is rewarding. 

There are things that I haven’t done, like continued with my charity quilts.  I have so many custom orders and other ideas, I will get to those in the coming months.

This blog has been and will continue to be my creative outlet.  Hopefully the next 100 posts will not take as long as the first 100.

Charm Pack Pot Holders

Fabric manufacturers have become obsessed with all of these precut fabrics.  Charm packs, layer cakes, honey buns, and jelly rolls just to name a few.  Do they think that quilters just think of food all the time?  Anyways I have started collecting a few as I visit different shops or online stores.  Back in November I talked about my favorite one so far, Gobble Gobble and my intention with it.  During December I started making pot holders from my charm packs. 

I use my favorite quick block pattern and turn the charm pack into quite a few pot holders.  They do not take very long and so far my test ones have received good reviews.  Look for them to be selling in my Etsy store launching February 1st

My trial potholders have received great reviews.  They are cute and stylish but very practical.  They make a great hostess gift.