Boy Quilt #425 recently

Okay, the 425 is a bit of a stretch.  I think you get the idea.  Someone asked if I could make something like this quilt,  Great, I’ll give it a try.  Picked out all the great fabrics I wanted and then read the instructions.

It was a no go.  All the bulk at the center was going to drive me crazy.  Back to my stash to see what I could really create. Found this fat quarter bundle at Crimson Tate.  Heather has lots of great modern fabrics and she has the best bubbly personality.

I went back to my favorite pattern, the disappearing nine patch.  The quilt is a good combo of brown, blue and a punch of orange.

Quilted edge to edge to highlight the squares.  Bound in white and light blue fabrics.

Mod-Mosaic Baby Girl Quilt

My scrap bin had really been filling up and I had a request for a baby girl quilt.  The colors were orange, pink, light purple, brown, and a bit of yellow.  The idea struck me to use Oh Fransson’s Mod Mosaic pattern for the quilt to use up my scraps.

Improv piecing is one of my favorite things about modern quilting. I really tried to keep the piecing random and building as I went with every block.

For quilting I went with random lines criss crossing along the way.

I have already received a photo of the cute baby all snuggled up on the quilt enjoying some snoozing.

Square Scrap Quilt

For the Mother’s Day quilts that I made in May, I did use many fabrics already in my stash.  Even after making three lap sized quilts, there are still plenty of scraps left over.


After spending an hour in the sewing room just sewing I was able get through many of the squares.  Just need to clean off the design wall to get my idea laid out.

A little something for myself

I was in love with Studio E’s Etching fabrics that were out earlier this year.  I wanted to create pillowcases to add some color to our neutral bedroom.  Lots of brown and tan in there.  Blue is color hubby and I can agree on.  You might remember my Vintage Modern post from earlier about looking for fabrics that would go well in our room.  There is still lots of design work to be done in there, but we are focusing on other locations in the house right now…the basement.

Here are the completed pillowcases:

So far we have had two nights of sweet dreams on them.  Hubby commented that maybe he should leave more often since I did these while he was on a camping trip.

Week of two completed quilts…part 2

This quilt was my submission to the Modern Quilt Guild’s Challenge #3.  Organic was the word we were challenged with to build a quilt around.  Challenge accepted.  I spent lots of time building an idea and looking for inspiration.  Then it hit me.

I was driving with my girlfriend while we were out for her birthday and I was looking at all of the vibrant green trees with brown and purple all mixed in along the road.  When we got to dinner, I busted out paper and started designing.  Later that week I went on bike route along the Monon Trail in Indy and it all come together.  Those same colors were exploding along the trail.  It made riding 25 miles a little easier.

This is my interpretation of the trail with all the bright bold colors of purple, green and brown that outlined the trail.

Organic Challenge Quilt


Showcasing my quilt Saratoga.  Made for cheerful betting.

More baby quilts – June Challenge

This quilt has been a work in progress for some time.  With the Indy Modern Quilt Guild’s June finish challenge, I thought this would be perfect.  The top and back were done a bit ago, but the back wasn’t big enough.  So I cut it in half and added the white stripe, nice touch. I am loving how the close quilting turned out.

The finished turned into a quilt for a friend’s baby shower.