Birthday Month

December is a big month for birthdays around our house.  My mom’s is the 7th, both dogs are the 16th, then mine is the 17th.  Throw in a trip to NYC and mandatory OT at work and it makes for a busy month even before the holidays are added in.

She was not happy to have a birthday picture taken.
He was so happy to have his picture taken he kept rolling around on the carpet.

Growing up mom’s birthday was always the day we put up our Christmas tree.  During college one year I convinced my mom to not up the full tree and just put up lights in the shape of a tree.  We couldn’t stop laughing at it.

My birthday was the big 3-0 this year.  It was low key as I like my birthdays, especially since I am so close to the holidays.  Dinner and drinks with the rents and friends, some shopping with the hubby, and thrifting with my sewing girls.

We met for breakfast at a hole in the wall spot in Indy.  The server figured out it was my birthday and brought over the staff to sing to me.  Gospel style, amazing, then gave me a piece of chocolate cake. Here are some of the finds:

something about the print drew me in

loved the stripes. new spring wardrobe?

Thanks everyone for all of the birthday well wishes.  I had a great day.

My Favorite Gator Turns 2

Can’t believe that two years ago I was running around Central Florida picking up grandmas and going to the hospital to meet this new little person.  I remember the day his mom said she was pregnant…I admit, I cried with excitement.

One of my favorite memories with my favorite gator was when he was just a few weeks old and we went to visit.  He slept on my shoulder all afternoon.  Who doesn’t love a snuggly baby??

just a little guy

Well happy birthday my favorite gator.  Enjoy your new quilt and have lots of snuggles with it. 


 Riley Blake Alphabet Soup and Kona solids were used on the quilt.