Nursery Inspiration

Picking a theme for your new bundle of joy can be difficult.  Everything in the stores is either has too many animals, too girly (we don’t know what Porter is yet), or just obnoxious.

Once I had a sneak peek of Bella from Lotta Jansdotter I knew my nursery had to be in that.  BTW…I wasn’t even pregnant yet, but knew that was it.  The colors and prints could be for either a boy or girl.

Plus I have a bit of fabric left over from the Lovebird’s quilts that could be a nice accent.  I don’t want a nursery that screams BIRDS, but a small touch is okay.

While out at the Indie Vintage & Arts Marketplace in September my friends and I saw this great gray dresser.  They had repurposed one of the dressers to have small white stripes, with a bit of yellow and wonderful blue knobs.  I tried to explain to hubby, but I’m sure he imagined this.

He’s envisioning zebra stripes and it’s really just a couple of stripes from the top to the bottom on the left hand side.  Of course I didn’t take a picture that day.

We know someone moving half way around the world and needing to get rid of stuff.  Score for us, because one of their dressers is perfect to make our own attempt at repurposing again.

Changes are coming

It has been quite a busy end of summer in the sewing room and overall at the house.  Look for lots of finishes to be shared in the coming weeks.    Also, we crossed a major thing off the household to do list…finishing the basement.  This has been a task since we moved in over two years ago.

Here’s a snapshot of what my new living room looks like.  LOVE my new chairs.  Still have some work to do in here and some minor details.  The new set up makes the room look huge.

We started like this and chaos all over the house with stuff just being everywhere.


And now it looks like this well sorta.

It’s exhausting doing all of the work.

I hate the word man cave, but it’s kind of a cave down there.  I see us spending lots of time down there.  With the basement complete, we can focus on other areas of the house as well.  I’m hoping by December we have everything where we want it.

Let’s be honest, it may be finished by March.  By March lots has to be done because we have a new addition on the way.  I’m so excited to get to do some sewing that will stay in the house.  Even more excited that the nursery will be done in Bella by Lotta Jansdotter.

Less writing, more sewing.  I have a huge to do list to work on this week.