My Favorite Gator

One of my favorite quilts went to our good friend’s son upon his arrival into this world.  Today he is  turning 1.  Where did this year go??

When he first got the quilt.

Isn’t he just adorable all snuggled down into his swing and his new Gator’s quilt. 

Apparently people would stop her and ask where she got the quilt, they do live in Gainesville.  Too bad for me that there are rules and regulations to using licensed fabric. 

Here he is packing his bag for school.  He’s growing up so fast.


Back in Action, News Thread 12.4

I have been busy, plain and simple. 

I have successfully started a new project and sent out test samples.  I’m waiting on feedback prior to launching everything.  I had hoped to have an Etsy store running by December 1st.  Looks like that may not happen until February. 

Baby Ryan’s quilt has become a hit.  His mom is getting stopped by people to find out where she got it.  Time to start looking for my Gators fabric!  Of course, right as they are trying to play for the SEC Championship game. 

Personally I have bought fabric to make a quilt for me.  Out of all the stuff I have ever made, none of it was for me.  I have photos of my most recent work, but none really from my early stuff.  That is probably a good thing because my techniques have improved greatly.  Maybe my quilt will be done before 2011. 

While out running errands today I visited a new shop.  Great selection of fabric and reasonably priced.  Why is it that the staff at some stores are snotty??  Hello, I want to spend money in your store and you’re rude.  I choose to support local business so I do not have to purchase so much online.  I asked a question about a product and she looked at me like I had just spoken Russian to her.  Really, you don’t have anyone in the area with a long arm machine??  What kind of a place is this?  My little shop has spoiled me. 

Off to bed and start resting.  I will be heading back to Florida early Sunday!

Baby Ryan

Congrats to Nate and Missy as they welcome their son, Ryan.  I’ve known about his arrival for so long and was super excited to meet him.

Ryan has a great jungle themed nursery and is the “rhino” in his jungle.  Cute huh?  My original thought was something animal for a quilt.  The stuff I was finding was not want I wanted or match the nursery.

After I found what I was going to do I found the Robert Kaufman Animal Party.  The Retro prints would have been perfect.  You can find the kits and other coordinating fabrics at Fat Quarter Shop.  The kits were cute, but expensive for me right now.  Grlfrnd has been trying to use up the stash…not add to it.

During a Fat Tuesday sell at Sew and Quilt, I found some great Florida Gators fabric.  Since Missy has her PhD from Florida and they still live in Gainesville, it is quite fitting.  Little Ry-no will have plenty of Gators stuff, so I wanted to contribute.  I had looked for a Tebow jersey so he could match his mom.

I started with 5 fat quarters and created a disappaearing nine patch.  This has become my go to pattern anymore.  It’s so easy and does give a quilt a great random look without much effort.

Ry-nos quilt 1
Ry-nos quilt 2
Ry-nos quilt 3
Completed Block

Once the blocks are completed, they were cut down the center both horizontally and vertically.  I then pieced the blocks together trying my best to keep the writing all going the same way.  For the quilting I wanted to keep it simple and not take away from the piecing.  Diagonals were easy and really set off the quilt.  Unlike others the tails were able to be put in the binding keeping them secure.

rynos quilt4
Diagonal quilting
rynos quilt5

Over the weekend we went to visit Baby Ryan.  He is super cute and snuggly.  No moms, this does want to make us speed up the baby process, we’re still about 3-5 years out.  Ryan sported his Gators onesie and the new quilt during the Florida win over Georgia.  Go Gators!  Too bad our other teams could not deliver yesterday. 

Go Gators!!