Little Man Memory Quilt

What do you do with all the left over baby clothes that are important to you?  A friend asked me to create a quilt with her son’s clothes.  Quilts are full of memories and love.  Incorporating the clothes from your child’s first year or important events is a great way to remember that time.  Fabric scrap booking that can be USED.

As I was cutting the onsies and shirts I just thought how snuggly and new the baby was when wearing these.  His outfit from the hospital is in the stack below.  Maybe because I’m expecting soon I get sentimental about that time.  Just think how their lives changed with that one little outfit.  They are now responsible for a new human.

baby clothes quilt pieces

Baby Clothes Memory quilt

For the quilt I added little hats, feet and smaller pieces from the first year for added sentiment.  They really give a personal touch to the quilt.  It took a while on how to arrange this quilt to highlight the key components.  A random pattern was the best way to showcase all the special pieces.

I added a variety of Riley Blake fabrics that coordinate with colors in the clothes and fill in gaps.  The little man getting the quilt is big into dinosaurs, animals, cars, trucks, and anything really little boyish.

quilt back

For added snuggles I opted for the Zoology flannel option.  The colors in this print are perfect to coordinate with the front fabrics.  Quilting was done in a very random straight line pattern.

His mom loved the quilt and can’t wait to make one for her next son.

What key pieces would you put in a quilt if it was based on a memory?  I would love to know and hear your feedback.

PS…thanks hubby for holding up the quilt.  I finished it at night and our backyard was a mud pit in the morning.


Hello Luscious baby girl quilt

Couldn’t resist the Moda Hello Luscious line that came out a few months ago.  Instead of the usual charm pack, I opted for a jelly roll to try something different.  Upon receiving the fabric I picked out the mostly pink, blue and green fabrics.  Not sure why, but I set them aside.

Finally a girl’s quilt came up in my queue of work.  After so much blue it was nice to work with pink.  I like to keep it simple and I opted for a subway tile pattern.

With the voile quilt I did manage to use up all of my Kona Pomegranate, good problem until you need it for a quilt back.  I had a sheet that was really coordinated better.

Binding was done in a solid green color to coordinate with the colors in the quilt.  Probably took me 10 minutes going through my Kona options to find one I liked the best.

The blue in this quilt has to be one of my favorite shades, not too teal or baby blue.  Just right.

This quilt lined up very well.  I will work on tutorial on how I kept it all straight this week and share over the weekend.

Neutral Boy’s Quilt

Congrats to Darcie for being the giveaway winner.  Thank you for all the comments.  I may still be obsessing about Marmalade.

This quilt was whipped up pretty quickly using my standby favorite pattern, the disappearing nine patch.  Using scraps from the red, white and blue triangle quilt and a few solids to complete the neutral look.

Putting pieces on the design wall has to be one of my favorite aspects of quilting.  Always fun to just throw things up there randomly then sort and move pieces around.  Hopefully this keeps one color from overwhelming the quilt.

Using straight line quilting in gray kept the quilt simple and coordinates with the back very well.

I want to do something similar with the scrap reds from the triangle quilt.

The quilt is currently at it’s home in NY being snuggled on by a new baby.  He looked so happy in the photo I was emailed.


Modern Marmalade Quilt #1

Twins!  No, not for me for but for a customer of mine.  They are entering toddlerhood and she wanted to revamp the nursery.  She chose Moda’s new line in Marmalade.  Great colors that could be used for both her boy and girl.

I got to see the newly decorated nursery and it was adorable.

For the quilts she loved the random pieced look.  This is actually harder than it looks.  I wanted the layout to be random but not like I tried.  Maybe next time I’ll blindfold myself and stick fabric to the design wall as an option.  Ha!

Here is the finished quilt.

marmalade by moda fabrics

The backing is in Kona Pomegranate.  The color works well with the palette from this collection. Warning:  LOTS of pink!

Links to other Marmalade Quilts

Scrappy Irish Chain Baby Girl Quilt 

More Orange

Seems like everyone is having boys or at least that’s what my sewing trend has been.  Lots of blue, so how do you take blue and make it more fun.  Orange.  I tend to stick with gray as an accent but I wanted a modern nautical theme for this quilt.

Originally the quilt was going to be in the pattern like the citrus quilt.  Instead I went for an all over pattern.

I wanted to keep it simple and I think I succeed.

The back was just pieced was some leftover fabrics.  Wonky much?

I swear it was straight when I sandwiched it.  Oh well, gives it character right?

A little piece of family history

My list of custom quilts this summer has been quite long, but this one was just a bit different.  A new grandpa reached out to me to incorporate a piece of his mother’s crocheting into a quilt for his first granddaughter.  What a lovely idea.

I will tell you cutting into another woman’s handmade work made me cringe at first and took forever to safely remove the four squares he asked for.  The nursery was being done in pinks and browns and he preferred something in solids.

While out shopping for the fabrics at the local quilt store, someone recommended a pinwheel pattern.  What a good way to keep it simple and a bit more traditional.

Here is the entire front.

Can you imagine the work that went into crocheting the center piece?

The back was very simple in a coordinating print.

Have you ever used a family heirloom as part of a quilt or project?