Baby Boy Strip Quilt

I have missed making strip quilts and I needed to put together a baby boy quilt.  I bought this owl fabric a while back not sure what do with it.  Inspiration was born.  Use the colors in the owl fabric to make a coordinating front in strips.  Done.

Using just a bit of yellow really gave it a nice pop.  The binding is gray along with the quilting.

The owls are from Robert Kaufman’s Zoologie line.  The eyes are super cute on the owls, some are sleepy and some are surprised.

Here’s a peak of what’s going on around our house.  We are working on basement renovation this summer.  This is my basement floor currently.  Had to have it done to add in a half bath.  So the house is a disaster.

one giant line of concrete across my basement


Monkey Quilt

Whipped up a quick present for someone over the last month.  They wanted something more traditional but brighter colors.  So many monkeys!

Sorry for the poor picture quality.  It had been raining here for days and a good shot couldn’t be done outside.  Plus these were taken at 8am before they were delivered at 8:30am.  Nothing like cutting it close.

I had one very happy customer.