What Makes You Better Than Me…VENT?

Okay readers I’m fired up.  Not fired up to sew and create, instead to VENT. 

I added a quilt guild meeting this afternoon for the first time.  I usually attend the general meeting, but I had the afternoon so I thought I would try something new.  Prior to getting there I was very excited to hear the speaker and the topic…Art Quilts. 

Wow, something away from traditional piecing, not having rules, and just getting to create.  This is right up my alley. 

The speaker made me feel almost stupid.  I have never had a speaker make me upset.  His personality was dry and condesending.  He did have some amazing pieces to share with the group.  Just the way he spoke made it seem as if we were too simple to understand his complex designs.  He mentioned that one of his pieces would take like four hours to explain.  REALLY??  He also kept mentioning how he has been in counseling for a few years.  I see why sir, you are stuck on yourself. 

Maybe it was just me, I didn’t stick around to see how anyone else felt.  I was beyond annoyed and had forgotten to pick up my girlfriend’s birthday present. 

Thanks for letting me vent.  I just don’t get why he made me feel so upset.  Nothing a little sewing time can’t fix.

UPDATE:  Thanks everyone for your comments and reading.  It was one of highest read posts.