News Thread 2.25.11

This has been quite a busy month for me.

The 2011 Project is way behind.  I need to make blocks for Weeks 4 – 9, maybe even 10.  There is a list made of blocks to make.  I will be making mock blocks for the Mother’s Day quilt project that I am working on.

Below are the fabrics that I have selected and awaiting approval.

Just a peek.

I have most of the fabrics ready to go for the special center block.  To go around the center block, the Mother’s Dream will be used to bring in the extra fabrics.

My latest completion from last week is a very special quilt for a friend.

Can't show you anymore, it's a secret.

This would be the most challenging quilt I have done in some time.  Lots of applique and quilting that isn’t edge to edge.

A Special Quilt for a Very Special Girl

My cousin and her husband welcomed to the world their first child over 9 years ago.  As Lexi grew, it became apparent something wasn’t right.  My cousin worked with physical and occupational therapists and Lexi underwent testing. 

Muscular Dystrophy was the diagnosis.  Over the years she has dealt with this disease and it’s negative side effects. 

She has made a huge decision for her own health, have a major surgery to help her. 

I’ve made quilts for plenty of kids through Project Linus.  Since Lexi is being brave and undergoing surgery today, I wanted to make something could provide comfort from 1200 miles away. 

Portion of the front.

She likes neon pink and green along with peace signs.  Circles came to mind when I first contacted my cousin about making the quilt. 

Zoom in on the circles.


I hope this quilt provides warmth and comfort through a scary surgery for a young girl.

Looking for a Pattern

During my time in NY the fall foliage inspired me to try something different.  I remember an episode of Simply Quilts on HGTV with Alex Anderson that used small scrap pieces for applique with black netting.  Saw the episode once, recorded it, got deleted for some reason, and NOW…I CAN’T remember or find the program info. 

Does anyone out there know the name of the technique?  It was an Asian lady on the show that day.  She had made very small scrap pieces and used them to create a landscape scene in “nests”.  She then covered the quilt in a black netting to machine quilt. 

I really want to do this with some scraps and using one of the photos I took for inspiration. 

If you remember, have an idea, have used the technique, or could offer me ANY help, please comment.

News Thread 7.6

After a wonderful weekend in NYC I am ready to get back to normal.  I did get to stop by the garment district on Sunday very briefly.  Luckily I knew my limit and carry on size so I did not purchase too much fabric.  I picked out two wondeful yards that I already have ideas for. 

What is on the docket for this week…LOTS.  I start my new job next Monday.  I’m taking the rest of the week off to spend some time sewing.  I will be in a great mood going into the new job especially if I get a few projects marked off this list. 

  • Finish June block for Quilt Guild…yep, I’m behind already
  • Make the July block
  • Get those out in the mail
  • Piece rows for the custom quilt for Etsy
  • Finish applique on a quilt for Etsy
  • Press some UFO tops to hopefully get pinned and basted. 
  • Get some items started for Etsy listings so I can keep listing every couple of days. 

Goal for this week is to spend Wednesday-Friday sewing so I can enjoy my weekend.  Last week before we left I did make some strides in organizing my sewing room.  I unpacked about two big boxes.  I found a great new piece to put in the room for pressing pieces, it extends with drawers.  I can now walk from my cutting table, to the pressing table and put ideas up on my design wall.  My design wall is just a simple plastic tablecloth the with fuzzy back. 

Fabrics that I bought for quilts have been sorted into a shoe organizer.  That way, I can just pull them out and get started.  BTW…I have that thing full, so 24 projects to go.  Doesn’t look like much was done in there last Wednesday, but I see progress and that’s what is important.

Etsy Shop Update

This has been a great week and better things are still to come. 

I delivered my special order potholders this morning.  They were super fun and cute.  Totally spaced taking a photo of them. 

I finished products to put in my Etsy store and actually got them photographed and published.  I’m most proud of the Birdie baby quilt.  This is my second attempt at applique and I’m very pleased with the results.  While I was sewing I just was remember to move the fabric and take my time.  What an accomplishment. 

Close up from the quilt

I’ve got more sitting next to my machine ready to go and a few cute quilt ideas as well. 

The giveaway will start tomorrow.  Be sure to check back and see what it’s all about.  Have a creative Wednesday!!