Swap Blocks

Indianapolis Modern Quilt Guild has been hosting a block swap for the last year or so.  I have really enjoyed the challenge of doing blocks for someone else.  I must admit not every month was my favorite and I struggled, but overall it has been a good creative outlet for me.  Thank you to me fellow swappers for pushing me out of my comfort zone.

My blocks are up for June.  Meg totally stole my idea for May, so time to look for something new.  I have a block idea but need to decide if I should utilize my FAVORITE fabric in my stash, Timeless Treasures Botanica.  Or should I do something else.  I have some extra fabric that I think would go really well.  Anyone up for all solids???

Here are some of the blocks I’ve done over the last few months.

Modern Mosaic
February blocks

The block above was super easy.  I should try this with some of the fabrics sitting in my stash.

Wonky Log Cabin

Darn you Meg for taking my idea.  No worries though.  Love this block and actually made mine bigger than you asked for.  I really got into the creating, sewing, etc part and just forgot to check the size.

Purple Stone Walk-up

Really struggled with this one.  Had to create without a real pattern.  EEEK!!  Why do you think the block is so tall?


Loved the colors combination for this block.

Can’t wait to see what people create for me.