Summer Recap

Where did August go?  Can you believe it’s September?  I feel like this summer has come and gone quickly.  Many great things happened this summer that I want to share.  This is a heavy picture post.

Some times you have to stop your projects and just play in the mud.  He doesn’t care that you want to listen to the last 20 laps of the Indy 500, there is playing to do.  The kid had two baths that day.

summer recap 4A few weeks later we venture back to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the Indiana Tour de Cure.  My husband works hard all year to make this a successful event and fun for cyclists.

summer recap 1 summer recap 2In our down time or free weekends this took place.  We have some amazing friends that put many hours into our kitchen.

summer recap 3Amid the chaos you need to escape and relax.  Off to Ithaca we went to celebrate my brother in laws wedding.  Four days at a lake house with an amazing view, great party, and lots of family time.

summer recap 5 summer recap 7

Yeah, that's the Stanley Cup and Dustin Brown on the other side.
Yeah, that’s the Stanley Cup and Dustin Brown on the other side.

summer recap 9 summer recap 8

During our time in Ithaca I got to meet any the babies, now toddlers, that I have made quilts for.  I enjoyed meeting all of them and hearing about their quilts.  Feels great to know your quilts are loved.

When we weren’t traveling or working on the kitchen we logged some miles.  Thank goodness it’s a tag team effort.  Feels like you’ve ran an extra half mile to a mile with a jogging stroller.

summer recap 10We continued our efforts to spend time with friends in the most remote locations.  Middle of nowhere Pennsylvania we went.  The kids loved being outdoors and playing in water.  My friend Missy did a wonderful wrap on her blog about the trip.

Not the best picture of me.
Not the best picture of me.

summer recap 12 summer recap 11Back at home Rob has done an amazing job with our garden.  We were unaware that the mini watermelon seeds were going to basically grow into something that covers our entire deck.  The watermelons are delish so it’s a toss up.

summer recap 15 summer recap 14Let’s not forget lots of sewing happened this summer.

summer recap 17 summer recap 13Best of all the kitchen was completed.  We are fully functional with a number of small details left to finish.  The dishwasher may be my new favorite part.  More to come on the kitchen.

summer recap 16It’s been a summer of fun and I’m looking forward to what fall has in store for us.