Stash Audit – Scraps Volume 1

scraps 1-5-15 This is getting a bit out of hand, what a mess.  Looking at this has made me really using as many scraps as possible for upcoming projects.  It may also be the reasoning behind my one scrap project per month goal I set for 2015.

These two overflowing bags need to be sorted and cut down.  As a recap I try to cut my scraps into pre-determined sizes I use regularly:  5″, 3″, 2.5″, 2″ and 1.5″.  This makes storage much easier.  These green bins are from the dollar store.  It’s quick to reach and grab the colors that I need already cut.

scrap storageHowever, my solid scraps have me stumped.  What do you do with your solid scraps?

I asked around on social media this week and I got the same responses.  Sort by color.  Maybe I should do that for my solids.  It does make sense for solids.  I would hate to cut them down to a size then need something bigger and waste yardage.

So readers, how do you store your solids?