Soft Palatte Half Square Triangle Quilt

Creating a project out of your color palatte can present some challenges.  Mostly that I didn’t have much in my stash to use.  After digging through scraps, it became apparent these softer colors were just not there.  

I was able to pickup a few fat quarters at Crimson Tate to start building the colors of the quilt. The request was for muted/soft pinks, neutrals, and maybe some accent colors. For a girl, but not overly girly and muted.

After the fabric was selected, it was time to solidify my design idea. Since this was a different palatte for me, I wanted to stick with a comfortable design. Half Square Triangles came to mind. Cutting into the fabric and making 5″ squares allowed me to think about a way to add Wow to this project.

In my stash was some leftover triangles from another project. Could they be the twist? I dug around and found them. The piecing began on a beautiful Sunday morning. My favorite is to sit here as the sun is rising before the house awakens to all the noise of the day. Soft colors and soft lighting make for a great way to start the day.

Once the half square triangles were created, it was time for the little bits of wow. On a number of blocks, I took these little triangles and added them to a corner. Not to every block, I think it was just about half.

Look at those colors? They are out not my normal, but goodness I love how they came together.

The little corners add a bit more design to the quilt. It’s backed in a coordinating print with gray and some gold. There are a few metallic fabrics sprinkled into the fabrics as well.

Quick overall loops for quilting. For binding there was just enough left of a couple gray and white prints with gold. The best last touch for this quilt.

The quilt was finished just in time as it’s owner decided to enter the world a few days early. There is enough fabric left over to make another quilt in this palatte in 2019.

If you are looking for a custom quilt in 2019 I currently have space. Please connect with me here.