SOAK Nail Polish Review

The comments from my Fantasia Plus Quilt are great.  I found the perfect spot for pictures this weekend.  Now for something a little different.

I love a good nail polish and manicure, but I rarely have my nails done.  Between typing all day, sewing, and washing my hands, I am tough on nail polish and most stuff usually chips.  For my birthday received my first bottle of Soak nail polish as part of a sewing kit from Crimson Tate.

Prior to this bottle, there were 3 bottles of nail polish in my closet.  Here’s the color I received in my little kit.

soak nail polish.jpg
Color: Lizzy House Glacier


Here are my unsolicited thoughts on this polish.  I’m publishing this review on my own and did not receive any compensation for it.

It’s okay overall.  Okay isn’t a bad thing in my book, I like the polish.  As I stated above I rarely do my nails other than a clear coat.  It felt thick as I was brushing it on, making it a little hard to get an even look.  This user may also be terrible at painting her nails but their is no official confirmation.

The color is cute and very Springy.  The light blue is very different for me.  Typically the more natural or softer palette are colors I am drawn to.  Based on my own wear and tear the polish lasted around two days before it began to chip off.  This is a good amount of time for me.  Many times things chip within a few hours.  Maybe that is why I’m hesitant to paint my nails frequently.  I did not use a base or top coat on my nails with this application.

soak nail polish.jpg


Will I use it again?  Yes.  I would like to try some other colors of line.