Sewing Challenge Part 2

Today was the day I entered my quilt in the State Fair Sewing Challenge.  My nerves were high until I got registered and everything situated.  There was some good competition in the quilt category.

I appreciate that we call did our own quilting and used just regular sewing machines.  My competitors were really nice.

Well, my quilt didn’t win.  I did get some good feedback for the next time I try a competition.  It was a good experience but this quilt has more meaning than just a competition.

sewing challenge quilt

Two weeks ago my friend Melissa was diagnosed with stage 1 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  She had been undergoing testing on a lump and the doctor made her come in after a biopsy.  She is my first friend to get cancer so I wasn’t really sure how to handle my emotions.  Melissa used her wonderful personality and has made it very light and comfortable for those of us around her.  We celebrated her 30th birthday this weekend.

melissa's bar crawl
Melissa has the red hair. She decided if she was going to lose her hair, might as well make it a fun color. Nevermind my husband that looks so thrilled.

As I was finishing the quilt I made the decision to give it to Melissa.  Hopefully she can snuggle with it during chemo and have some comfort.  I want to be there during her sessions but my time off from work is really limited these days.  This is the best I can do for now.