September is National Sewing Month

With everything going on in the world, no wonder this great month has not received much press time.  Okay, mayb it’s not important to most people.  Without sewing you wouldn’t have most of the stuff in your home.  Just think about it.  Most things are mass produced, but something around your house has be home made.  What is the one thing around your house that you treasure that was sewn by someone you know?? A shirt or maybe a blanket?  Leave below in the comments section.

For the month of September I have challenged myself to spend an average of 30 minutes a day sewing and creating.  I’ll post pictures of everything that I get accomplished.  Here are my goals to get done for the month, it’s ambitious, but I think obtainable.

  • Gators baby quilt for Ryan
  • Table runner for my parents updated family room
  • Quiliting and binding of Krista’s wedding quilt

That’s a lot but the majority is done and ready to go.


Update:  I am teaching my neighbor’s daughter to sew.  She is currently working a tote bag.