Scrappy Boys Quilt 1

A few months ago I worked on my first Oh Fransson Mod Mosaic quilt for a new baby girl.  It was really liberating to have no pattern and just piece things together.  After making one of them, I wanted to make more.

Baby Girl Mod Mosaic Quilt

In an effort to use what I have already in my scraps, I started the challenge of trying to make two boy quilts with my scraps in a modified mod mosaic pattern.  I have been working on these quilts most of January and finally finished one.  The pieces even traveled with me to San Francisco.

boy theme quilt pieces

Here is the finished quilt.  A lucky little guy in Pennsylvania will be snuggling with this upon his arrival.

boy theme mod mosaic quilt

I wanted to keep with random quilting all over.  To make this just a bit different there are a few spots with a satin stitch in the corner.  Of course it was to cover up an oops.

boy mod mosaic quilt

Only new fabric on this quilt is the backing.  Found this great print at one of my favorite local shops, Crimson Tate.  She had a great sale towards the end of December and when I saw this, I knew it was perfect.

quilt backing

For added security on the binding I have started machine binding the entire binding. Normally I would sew it onto the front, turn over, then stitch on the back.  However, I have found it much easier to sew the binding onto the back and turn it over and top stitch on the front.  I like the look better.  Swim, Bike, Quilt has a tutorial posted here.  She notes that there are lots of ways to bind a quilt and my style has changed even over the last year.