Scrap Organization Round 2

It has been a while since I really sat down and tried to organize my scraps. There were two large bags and a box to be sorted.  Here is how I decided to sort to get through the first sort.

scrap stash bag 2 scrap stash bag 1Throw away:

  • Those little bits or fabric I’m just over.
  • Didn’t take a picture but it was only a plastic grocery store bag worth.


donation fabricPrecut squares or yardage that I don’t want anymore but could still be used in a good home.  I donate my fabric to Indy Upcycle, they are a local store that takes craft donations and then re-sells them.  It’s a pay what you want basis.


solids scrapsPrints

prints stash fabricNovelty and Holiday:

  • Kid’s prints mostly in my stash and left over pieces from holiday projects.

From here I start cutting down most, except solids and novelty, to 1.5″, 2″, 2.5″ and 5″ squares.  There are some strips that I will keep as well.

Indy Modern Quilt Guild is hosting a yard sale at this month’s meeting.  I will be taking some of my fabrics there.  Now off to sort more of my stash and figure out what’s really going to stay.