Scrap Management

My scraps are taking over my sewing space.  It was verging on hoarding level, seriously.  With the upcoming move of the sewing space to another area in the house something had to be done.  My goal for February is to have my fabric and scraps better organized.

I created a system to go through all my scraps and sort them.  Big pieces of some of my favorites…keep, solids…keep, and everything else was cut into squares.  Given my love of precuts, this made it much easier to select sizes.  Squares were cut into 2″, 2.5″, and 5″ for my sanity in storing them.

scrap squares

cutting scraps

Thanks to the dollar store for the lime green buckets below.  Should make managing my precut sizes much easier.

scrap bins

While going through all of my scraps there had to be a cut off on what to keep.  Honestly, I feel bad throwing some stuff out.  It’s become apparent I can’t keep everything, I will never get around to doing something with it.

Thanks to my hubby for letting me take over his bar in the basement for this project.  If he wanted me around this weekend, it was his best bet.

I would love to hear how you handle scraps?  At what point do you decide to keep, cut, and/or purge?

scrap squares