Running…Without a Shirt

As a 30+ year old mom that title is liberating to write.  I RAN WITHOUT A SHIRT!  Twice recently if you must know the truth.  This is just about yesterday’s run.

Running is something I do for myself to keep me healthy for my family.  Notice the me and my references.  It’s not for anyone else.  I’m sure some of the people I ran by snickered, judged and may have been appalled.  Yes, there is a woman out running in the heat and she took her shirt off.  You can see my untanned stomach along with some fat that remains on my stomach.  Be appalled or judge, I can take it.

I was burning up with a tank top on.  Sweat was trapped between my skin and the shirt, allowing very little air flow.  As my run progressed I contemplated continuing with my shirt on.  No one wants a runner to pass out in their yard from heat stroke.

As I stopped my run to grab some water, adjust my shoes and hat, I decided it’s time.  Right there on a public street I took off my running tank and continued on my way.  Instantly, I was cooled and refreshed.  It was a bit invigorating too.

A mile from home I stopped and took a selfie.  I wanted to have photographic evidence the next time doubt crept into my mind that I shouldn’t take my shirt off while running.  If I’m getting hot while running, do something about it girl.

Thank you for the social media support too.

The journey towards a healthier me is still in progress.  I forgot I had not shared this other milestone with you.  Do you remember one of my goals for this year?  Be able to touch my toes.  Boom!


There will be no bravery today.  It’s an active recovery day of just some walking.

Let’s Get Healthier Together